lucky mum of one of each!
Aug 31, 2006
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i love my new pram its gorge!!! i cant w8 2 take it 4 a spin dammit tht means town on a sat
:lol: I am longing to get ours, but not til next year :cry:
i love prams and am terrible ive got 5 in the shed at the moment :oops:
I think i'm weird - i only have one and it's starting to drop to bits :shock: it was a really nice mamas and papas one but the break is broken and stuff now.
my m&p p3 is starting to go,the foot rest snapped off when i folded it as it wouldnt go down so i squashed it :oops:
Never had a pram but hae just revamped my travel system from last time Really want something flashy but too expensive for me

i get most of mine from freecycle,heheh got a pilko car seat for nothing and it had two bases and is immaculate.
ive got a mama paps pilko from freecycle and car seat etc,got a m&p older style pram type,a cossato pram with carrycot and seat,and two more pram style that i cant remmeber names as my head is cabbaged :shock:
I can't wait to get a twin pram....Will need to fall pg first! :shock:
my name is Yvanne and im a pramaholic..

i have 1 buggy 1 double buggy 1 mamas and papas pram and a double pram......

am away 2 get 2 new buggies 2 :oops:
I love me prams too every timeisee anice style iwant tobuy it but craig says no

Hope you enjoy your spin when youget the chance with yours hun xx
took it for a test spin fabby fab fab!!!
can i join your group of nutters? I have a pram and no baby :rofl:
i think i have a problem with strollers as well, i have one double, one umbrella (the little mini ones for quick trips in the mall and stuff), one normal one at my house, and 3 normal ones at my moms :shock: so 6, what do i need with 6 strollers??? :roll:

can you post a picture of yours yvanne :D:D
god the pics r crap sorry!!!(and excuse my barewood floor..... 2 close 2 xmas 4 carpet!!!)



this is the pram...


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