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Worried about Lily-Mae


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Nov 12, 2006
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Today Lily-Mae has developed a really awful cough. Earlie she coughed that uch she was sick, and she brought up a load of flem stuff too. Im really worried about her as she's on an apnea monitor as it is and im scared this cough will bring on an apnea episode. Im going to take her to the doctors in the morning but im still really worried. Would you guys just take your lo's to docs in morning or take them to hospital, its a really awful cough. It takes her breath away and this is gonna sound weird but she sounds like a dog barking when she coughs
Ella's had the same cough this past week, it's clearing now. But we had several days of her being sick because she couldn't get rid of the phelm. Personally I'd take her docs, but then she doesn't have apnoea. If she's got monitors I would have thought you'd be fine, but it's your DD, go with your gut instinct.
I certainly think its something going round. My DD was like tat the other night, continuly coughing and was sick three times. We ended up putting in the travel cot in our room so we could keep a check on her during the night. Prior to that I'd had ds to out of hours GP as he was the same but not sick. His inhalers didn't help but was told it was a virus. 2 days l8er was on antibiotics for chest infection, and he still is a bit chesty. If you're woried tho I'd see GP sooner. You're her mum and if you think she needs to be seen sooner contact your out of hours service. Hope she gets better soon. :hugs: to you and your lo
Hi. I phoned NHS direct and they said to keep an eye on her and to ring 999 if her lips went blue, or she had dificulty/or stopped breathing. They said they could request gp visit for me. But last time i did that i waited up unitill 2am before anyone came out to see my son. So i just said i would keep an eye on her and ring 999 if i needed to. Do u think ive done the right thing???

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