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Discussion in 'Waiting To Try' started by M&S+Bump, Jun 5, 2011.

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    I think I must be mad to even be considering it, after having had about the worst labour I could ever have imagined and then PND on top (although I was expecting that, having had 'issues' for a long time) and still feeling absolutely rotten, a lot of the time even though Joe is now a week off 3 months old.. but I am so broody for another one!!!

    The early weeks were a complete nightmare, but I can't remember exactly why - Mother Nature is a strange thing. He doesn't sleep, and wants to feed all the time - our business is not doing great and I hate not being there and not having much control over things - but still I can't get over the feeling of wanting to be pregnant again. I'm actually at the stage of planning what would happen if we were to go bankrupt because I want more babies so much that I'm caring less and less about what happens with the business!

    If you're feeling the same, please join me ladies - whether it's your first or your seventh. Just being able to share would be great, I think. My OH says whenever I want to go for it, he's happy to go for it, but I was told six months to heal from my c-section, and because of PCOS I have maybe one period a year - so I'm scared to try in the next couple of months in case my one ov a year happens to be so soon and I risk myself and baby by being preggo before my scar has healed.. but at the same time I'm just so tempted and feel like we shouldn't be wasting any time because it took so long to conceive first time round!

    (Also happy to answer any questions you ladies may have about my experience with PCOS and irregular periods, fertility investigations, BF with PCOS etc - I know it was something I wanted to know about so feel free to ask here or PM if there's anything at all I may be able to help with) :flower:
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    Hi M&S+Bump

    I am super broody waiting for #1!

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