2 weeks overdue tomorrow and sweep info :)


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Mar 26, 2008
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Well thought i would post now as i wont have a chance tomorrow....:)

So tomorrow i am 14 days overdue and still no bloody sign of baba :(

So i get my final chance of going naturally :) I get my final sweep and the weekend for it to work....and if not i go in on monday and book in for an induction the begining of that week... If they have space on tuesday they will just keep me in overnight on the monday for an early start on tuesday if its any later than tuesday they will let me come home....

Anyway tomorrow I have me sweep at 11.20am and while i get this done OH is off to get me car fixed.....then we have decided not to sit and see if it works were going for a 6 mile hike round delemere forest :rofl: with the dogs and if that doesnt kick start things then im screwed........So i prob wont be on till gone teatime. Hopefully posting good news like im having me bloody show etc :) But i have me text buddies if i dont get a chance to get back on (highly unlikely :rofl: not holding out much hope)

But anyway wish me luck, hopefully this will be it for me, Told OH im telling the midwife she can be as rough as anything :D and im not leaving until im in tears with pain. Because this HAS got to work :rofl: So she is in for a bit of a shock when i sit there wide legged refusing to go home until im completely swept :)

good luck for tommorow. Fingers, legs and toes crossed that something happens. x
Good Luck fingers crossed it works for you hun xxxxx Love idea of the hike :D
Lots of luck for tomorrow hope the sweep does it's job xXx
Ema I now have an image of you, legs spread throeing a tantrum :rofl:

Seriously I wish you all the luck in the world hun!! You're gonna have one cooked little buba!!

Ema I now have an image of you, legs spread throeing a tantrum :rofl:

Seriously I wish you all the luck in the world hun!! You're gonna have one cooked little buba!!


:rofl: thats what me OH said cause he knows to well i would do it :rofl: needless to say he aint looking forward to labour :rofl: XxX
good luck ema, i hope it all works for you xxx
awwww.... good luck girl.... let's hope it starts something off.. that baby's getting a little bit too comfortable hey?
good luck hun!! get the mw to sweep like she never has done before lol!!
lol i can imagine you halfway round suddenly going into proper full blown labour and being like, shit he's not gona wait! and having been stuborn and staying in for 2 weeks past his date he'll just slip out in the middle of the forset!! good luck for tomorrow tho hun xx
Good luck Ema! I'll cross my fingers and toes for you.
Good luck Ema! Ill be thinking of youuu and i really hope it works for you x
:rofl: Awww Ema you're being so good about it all!! I would love to see your MWs face tee hee hee!! Hope it works for you..... :)
Hope it does the trick! Not sure about the hike... You're very brave! xxx
Good luck girl... :hugs:
ill be thinkin of you hun...sendin u lots of luck, hes a stubborn wee man isnt he?!

h x
Good luck hon, I have everything crossed for you. x x
Good luck hun :hug: Really hope Jacob decides to make an appearance soon!!

Good Luck! Hope that it gets things started and you have your little boy with you very soon! xx

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