2nd pregnancys??


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Sep 1, 2006
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hi... is anyone here on there 2nd pregnancy? i am just wondering cuz i want to know if this is normal....you know the first movements are like flutters, then like rolling (the baby) somewhat...then the kicks??

well i felt them in that order while i was pregnant with my daughter and now i am pregnant again and started feeling really crazy kicks fairly early around 15ish weeks, like it went right from nothing to rolling around, no flutters or anything and now i am seeing my belly and such...

just wondering if thats normal?? (did any of that even make sense?? lol) i tried to explain best i could :oops:
I think with your second you feel movements earlier than the first. Know idea why though!
Hi Babe,

I am on my second pregnancy, and what you describe is as AG says very normal.

The reason we feel it quicker second time round is because we are more aware of what the flutters, rolls and kicks feel like.......I personally am starting to feel the odd thing, like rolling.

So yeah it is all normal babe, we are just more aware of what it is that is going on inside than first time Mum's!

So let the fun commence xx :wink:
ok thanks you guys made me feel better lol :) and yeah i am enjoying it tons :D its the best part about pregnancy i think feeling our little babies moving inside...awwww :D
I am also on my 2nd pregnancy (22 weeks4 days). I think I started feeling my baby move at about 11 or 12 weeks.
EthansMom04 said:
I am also on my 2nd pregnancy (22 weeks4 days). I think I started feeling my baby move at about 11 or 12 weeks.

Hi hun,

I doubt it would have been that early the baby doesn't even weigh an ounce.......so would have no way of excerting any pressure on the uterus, but you could start to feel it once the uterus starts moving into the abdomen from around 15 weeks.

I have felt rolling this week......it is great!!!! :happydance:
Hi Tam i have to just say that i had a quickening yesterday and am not quite 12 weeks!

It is possible to feel as early as 11-12 weeks but is more like bubbles popping than any real movements.

I love it when it happens big time all the rolling around..
Yeah quickening like you mentioned, but not movement!

The rolling is ace, although a bit nauseas at times too :lol:
yes i am with you,although the quickening is babymoving isnt it? god knows havent a clue,i took it as a good sign that things still ok.

Got scan friday is coming round so quick,be nice when all over...

:lol: yeah it is a good sign hun........

Good luck with the scan hun, you will get your EDD then wont you?
yes will get it then am praying it is after 1st april so i get the 39 weeks paid maternity otherwise it is 28 :( i hate work at mo so am really hoping.
Awwwwwwww best of luck hun xx
oooh i am hating work too at the moment :( can't wait for maternity i still need more hours tho :shock: (here we need 600 hours and i need about 150 :? ) but i still have a couple months till i go on so i should be good i can't wait tho work seems so useless lol and annoying...would MUCH rather be sitting at home with alexis :)
:lol: I was just planning going back to work when we decided to start trying to concieve..........so I am still at home, and I want some pocket money :p Although rather have a baby to be honest :wink:

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