9/11 this will make you think


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Sep 1, 2006
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got this sent to OH last night click the first one and listen to it first before going onto second one then let me know what you think really did happen.
This just makes you really wonder.


now this one


we sat over last night and watched both about 4 times and really now im not sure what really did happen that day and why their was one part of a plane left but wasnt from any of the planes that went through the towers :wacko:

would love to hear your views after looking at them

thanks everyone
This had no replies but looking for something else I found this topic. I watched something with my OH last week & it was AMAZING to watch (not in a yay way) but again theres 2 versions only longer than this.

Will see if I can see where its posted because hes in bed ....

I think they described it as a pancake fall or something one by one the floors went down rather than going to the side & ruining surrounded buildings. The program is truely interesting & if you watch carefully you will see floors being blown out before the floor above comes down.
its crazy and people do deserve to know the truth about what happend that day and the truth will come out no matter how many times they try to cover it up it will come out soon.

what they did that day was terribly wrong and those people dodnt deserve to lose their life like that

hell mend those rotten scum bags who done that
:shock: Have watched some of this and decided to watch with OH tonight.

I am truly shocked by what I've seen so far!
My OH doesn't remember where the links are so I can't post them! Hmmmm!

On the video you could see the floors being blown out before the floors above came down. It truely opened my eyes! I've never really paid any attention to 9/11 until I seen what I did!
Here you go:


Full lenght.
yay thanks for the link wobbles its refreshed my ickle brain :lol:
Don't delete this topic til i have watched it later, i can't concentrate on it at the mo cos of the kids screaming.

I will definately watch it later though.
Having studied a level physics, i learnt about the strength of materials, and no way were those fires hot enough to cause the buildings to collapse, as the video says. I've not seen footage of the collapse before, and as soon as I saw it I was thinking it looked suspiciously like a demolition.

As the video explained, if the floors above had to make the floors below collapse from their weight, there would be a minimal pause each time 2 floors collided, slowing down the collapse.

I'm certainly starting to think everything we were told was wrong.

However, that doesn't mean I think its a conspiracy from teh american government. Terrorists *could* have planted explosives, to detonate if the building didn't collapse by itself. Or, concerned the building may collapse themselves, the fire men may have thought to bring the building down deliberately could save lives. Of course something like that would be kept quiet, because although it could have saved more lives, there were still living people inside the building.

It just leads to more and more theories about what actually happened. But one thing's for sure, that building didn't collapse from the impact or the fires afterwards, seeing as the fires were smoking so much they were most probably almost out.

Admittedly I haven't watched the whole video yet, only 30mins in, but I dont have time right now. But they've started repeating themselves now. But from what I have watched, it's certainly started me thinking.
the worst one is the petagon strike, if it was an aircraft the lawn would have been ruinned and where are the wings and engine damage the the wall, one hole like a missle and strangly it was the only wall made to take a missile strike not long before the attack, plus noboby saw an aircraft hit, i work around aircraft all day and if one dropped that low you'd bloody see it! would take an amazing pilot to hit that pricisly as well.......

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