A BFP for me?


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Aug 6, 2008
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I am still shocked. Shocked. It is faint but there I believe. I truly thought we were out this month. We only BD twice because I was soooooo sick and left it as what happens happens.

On Monday I had a pencil sized spot of blood on my underpants and thought well maybe. Told DH and he got excited but said just wait. On Tuesday I POAS after dinner, forgot about it for 30 minutes cause I was on the phone. I came back and there was a plus. I said to DH look here, this isn't real cause it is past the time limit but isn't it neat! He was all go do another one, I said just wait till tomorrow morning. Well Wensday I did another one and there it was :bfp:.

So the fun begins! DH booked my first prenatal....which should be a blast :dohh: We live in a small town, DH is a doctor in a clinic of 5. So we are all close, and now one of our doc friends is now my doc.....and will be doing all my exams...down there. I am not sure how that is going to work as I am very very very shy about things like that :blush:

DH is over the moon, I am however still shocked and well......scared. Even more so cause I POAS again today and the line seems lighter. I guess time will tell.

I have only told my Mom and a close friend....everyone else in my family we are keeping this from....we have a evil streak and DH wants to keep everyone guessing.

Thanks for letting me ramble and ramble!:hugs:
I hope you can see the line....it just seems so faint compared to yesterday...


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faint or dark...still a :bfp: WWWHHHOO CONGRATS HUN X X H&H 9MTH :)
well done, congrats to you xxxx take care
There's ABSOLUTELY a line there! Congrats hun!! :happydance:
Moose another one for team Kokopelli!!!! Well Done!!
Chuffed to pieces for you! :wohoo:
It's definitely there!!

Congratuations - have a wonderful 9 months! :happydance:

I hope to join you with a June baby. I got a couple of very, very, very faint positives today but to faint to call at the moment.

Congrats! WTG Team Kokopelli!
There is definitely a line! Congrats to you! I wish I had the willpower to POAS and walk away - not me. I stare at it the whole time. LOL>

To a happy and healthy pregnancy!
Congrats and I love other people that ramble like me, ha!
Congrats :) We really seem to have so many bfp's this month and its only the 2nd!
Awww, thanks everyone! I am so happy I can share here as we are keeping quiet about it as long as we can.

Although everyone at the clinic knows now, laughing at DH saying the journey is over *wink wink*. Ah men.

Go Team Kokopelli!!

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