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Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive #1' started by richiesgal, Jun 3, 2011.

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    Jun 3, 2011
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    I am new to this site and new to TTC and I have been stalking this thread for weeks before joining haha! You ladies are so full of good advice!!

    Just wondered if anyone else has had the same symptoms as me when coming off BC after 10 years and TTC #1. Any help would be appreciated! :thumbup:

    sooo - had my withdrawal bleed after BC on 27th March 2011. On 21st April I had the worst pains ever in my left side, above my hip and into my groin. Was so bad I went to the walk in centre on advice of NHS direct! Was told it was ovulation pains!

    On 3rd May (so CD38 and 12 dpo (if that's what it was) my first real AF arrived.

    Since then we have BD'd as much as poss but may have missed ny ov this month as I really didn't think my cycle would be so long again and miscalculated. Anyway we last BD on 20th May and then I had those pains again on 26th May (CD23). Not sure if his swimmers can last that long!

    The weird bit is that for a few days before ov this month and up until today even I have felt sick every day and soooo tired, I also have had watery CM (sorry if TMI) and today I have AF like cramps on left side. I have had hot flushes too and am normally v cold! Also had a racing heart and a cold, headaches and dizziness.

    I have been reading up on my symptoms and there is a lot of evidence to suggest it could be due to coming off BC - the thing is I had none of this last month!

    I just wondered if anyone has some advice. I appreciate that I am only new to this and my body is still settling but I am so impatient haha! Have done 2 tests this month already both of which say they won't work until after AF so that was a bit silly of me!

    I really really want to test tomorrow as I am at a wedding and obviously won't want to drink if I am preg but I know it is prob too early to tell.

    Thanks for reading and sorry for the length!

    Babydust to all!

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    Your body might just take a few months to set into a regualr cycle after BC. Are you doing OPKs? I dont think :spermy: would last the 6 days (usually upto 5) but some can last upto a week so you never know. With ov pains they can come before, during or after Ov so you dont know which particular day you Ov'd on.
    Maybe you could do a FRER before wedding, they can show up 5 days before and you would be 9DPO by tomorrow? If i were you i would have a few drinks at the wedding just dont go crazy xx

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