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all alone again


Mum of 2 TTCAL
Sep 5, 2006
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colin is going away with work for a week... last time he went i got really down with Rhys and ended up with PND (not that im blaming colin)

im really worried about it all getting worse, so if im quiet over the next week slap my wrists ok???
Chick, don't worry, we'll have a great time on Monday and you can always chat to us on here!
aawww hunny is there anyone u can talk to or help u why hes away
Awww hunny you be fine :hugs:

If your feeling things are too much pop online for a lil rant :hugs: x
Myn goes away June for a week fishing in Devon,leaving me with a 7 year old and a 6 weeks old baby can you imagine? Oh and a Dog,Parrot and Cat oh and marine fish to look after,nightmare as Dave does all school runs,sorting animals and hoovering,arrrrrghhhhhhhh I know how you are feeling hunnie.

It is the evenings I find the most hard,but it will flash by,I am thinking of getting a mate round to look after house and booking into a hotel,lol (joke) and then in August dave is away AGAIN to Euro-disney with chloe for 5days that I wont mind a bit tho as only one child to see to,oh I sound lovely.

Hi Weestar

I went and didnt like it. I would rather stay at home and to be honest it would have cost same for me to have gone but babe is only going to be a couple of months old and I really would prefer to stay at hoem with her than treck her off abroad or miles from home.

I am a home buddy and the thought of a theme park fills me with horror! If I get Dragged to Alton Towers I have all the kids as hate rides and all that goes with it.

I may have a weekend to Rome with Dave next year on our own instead or a weeks hol or something,we went on our own to Jamaica when chloe was 2 but dont think would do that long again.

Also this holiday is a bit of *special* time for Chloe and Daddy as she is such a daddy's girl i want her to feel really speacial as she has been an only child for 7 years and think she may need it.


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