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Allen Carr's Easy Way for Women to Stop Smoking


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Aug 31, 2006
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I bought this book from Amazon yesterday! Hopefully it will help.


Anyone else tried the Allen Carrs books as I know there is a few!
Well I think it should do babe.......

My sister stopped with it, and so did her OH last year, and he used to smoke 40 a day, I never ever thought he would do it of all people!

I started reading it, but I couldnt read it continually and what I read made sense, so when I managed to quit (on my own out of the blue) I would think of little things I read in the book, so I think it helped me too in some small way!

Good Luck with it hun & stick with it, I have seen it work with my own eyes!!! xxx
i havent read it but just wanted to give my support for you...it aint easy but you feel so proud when you get passed that fortnight, each week after that and i could do cartwheels...
good luck honey, pm if you need a rant if you like
My book arrived this morning!

OH looked at me an said "are you going to read that" - "never seen you read anything" - Twat! lol

Now Tams asking me where my book is erm its in my drawer :? :lol:

Looks like OH knows you too well *shakes finger at you in a disaproving way*

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Give it a go hun, you may be pleasantly suprised!! xx
If it works for you I'm gonna go out any buy the book. I quit while pregnant but have slowly gone back on them since Abigail was born. I have stopped smoking in the house but I know even that affects her. Good Luck and keep us updated!!
I've looked at the cover? :lol:

Will defo keep you updated :D

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