Am i too late to express?

Discussion in 'Breastfeeding' started by Mummy2Asher, Jan 24, 2011.

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    I exc bf but I want to be able to express some milk for just incase times. I'm going to start leaving LO for an hour every 2 days...getting a horse! And he does go 3hours between feeding plus he has been having food the last 2 weeks .
    So how do I go about this? I have sippy cups for him, do I express then put it in the bottle then in the fridge? Then OH will take it out and warm it if lo needs it? How long can you keep the milk?
    Both my boys have never had formula or bottles so I don't have a clue!
    Also what is the best time of day to express?
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    It's not too late hun, but you will need to give yourself a couple of weeks to get used to pumping, and build extra supply. Make sure you the pump you use has a sheild that fits well, as this is one of the reasons women don't get on with size doesn't fit all! Medela swing is a good electric pump which is my opinion allows faster expressing, although it's noisey, and sheilds come in small..medium and large. It retails at about 90pounds or the mini at 45 but if it gets the job done for you it's money well spent...and more time spent with ur horse!!

    You could try him with a beaker now hun tbh rather than starting flow are the best as the non spill are said by some to hinder babies palate development (as do bottles) but if he doesn't take from a cup do whats right for you. All pumps will have containers available to buy that you can store milk in the fridge for 3 to 8 days depending on temp (see breastfeeding networks website for details) .Milk at room temp should be used within 6hrs...and frozen milk can be stored for up to 6mths. Make sure if you are freezing and adding to already frozen that you do not add more than the already frozen amount as it could thaw the top layer!Always label ur milk too! Bottles and equipment should be hot water clean....dont stress too much about sterilizing after all our nipples aren't sterile. Some pumps have bottles that attatch to pump and can be sealed and put straight in fridge.Never microwave BM as it destroys nutrients...warm in hot water, and leave milk in fridge to thaw as it will keep longer.

    Early morning is said to be the best time to pump! Try a warm shower, and make sure you massage the breast beforehand. I find feeding from one side and pumping from the other is very effective...or if baby isn't ready for feed have him close as this will stimulate let down reflex.

    Really hope this helps hun! If you have any probs at all please feel free to message me, am peer suporting at mo so it's a subject close to my heart lol!

    x x x x

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