Another attempt failed!


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Aug 31, 2006
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My stop smoking attempt failed! I had a **** end to the week (hence I was not on or on much Wed , Thurs & Friday) ....

Now things are back to as it was I'm going to give this another bash tomorrow & I have decided if I suceed I'm going to go shopping on my next pay day & buy some news clothes (needed) as a treat! I've already bought a coat today although I won't get it for up to 28 days grrr to remind myself if I quit I can buy things I want/new clothes etc!
omg i swear you just read my mind!!! i was just away to post and ask u!!! cos im really temped 2 have a fag :(
Crap isn't it I'd not had a fag in 6 hours which is good & I was feeling ok about it but we had a row & I caved in! I didn't at first I was at Tesco & was 'tempted' but didn't then I cam ehome & couldn't hack it! :(

How long you been quit Yvanne?
well after id had chloe i stayed stopped till i went ot and had a drink!!! and only smoked wen i drunk, which was never often, then wen i went back 2 work i smoked at work, but never at home!!!

and wen i was preg we callum i stopped the day i found out, and havent had a fag since, so will b a yr sumtime in dec!!!!

i prob wont have 1 as it means dressing kids and going to shops but im so tempted :(
Makes me panic that you can be stopped for so long yet still crave that fag!

Don't you go anywhere you've done great so far :hugs:
cos im upset :( ill always crave the niccy buzz!!!! im also hoping ill stay stopped wen i drink as its no smoking in pubs here now but i dunno!
I know hun :hugs:

Try go preoccupy yourself! I wish I only smoked when drinking I like smoking but social smoking to smoking 40 ish a day is madness I just can't do it - I don;t want to do it for the obvious reasnos money (puch) & my health!
wobbs ur gunna h8 me 4 this...

im 1 of those people that can start and stop like the flick of a switch, i cant understand how hard it is 4 u(im tryin to be honest here!!!) the most i ever smoke is wen im drunk and thats 20(well no quite after pals have pinched sum!)so i really wish u all the best babe!!! u CAN do it!!!! its just a very hard time for you 2 stop right now, but look at it this way, if u can do it wen ur at ur lowest... u can do it xxxxx
I missed thsi reply from you Yvanne sorry :oops:

Well I'm still a failed woman! I've smoked about 10 - I suppose 10 compared to 40 is damn well good for me but none would be better!
You only fail when ya quit giving up :wink:

You WILL get there xx
Tam said:
You only fail when ya quit giving up :wink:

You WILL get there xx

Tam is right there hun. I never thought I would manage it. It has taken me a couple of times till I finally seemed to have managed to quit. Just keep trying and you will get there! Don't get me wrong I would still love a ciggie but I keep thinking of why I am quitting and not all the reasons I would love to start again .
Try reading the book babe, and for anyone else that has quit but fancy a ciggy every now and again, read Alan carrs will just give you that extra help and confidence in yourself to keep away from it :wink:
Aww i was lucky i quit cold turkey after 16 years smoking, but then being pregnant i could do it dont know otherwise. Try the tounge lozenge things they are meant to be good, good luck


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