Any Christians Wanna Chat?

xpecta- just noticed you are having a boy, congrats! its nice to have a date in sight and a valentines baby sounds nice. 1 month to go for you how exciting! we have recently agreed to being induced at 39 weeks since my last 2 labors were extremely quick. the very last was 45 mins and the hospital is 45 mins away. not sure i will make it since the last 2 were also 37 wks, but im gonna try as much as i can lol.

nat- i don't blame you for wanting them to grow up with grandparents around. its a great plan! <3
Oh nice! Where in BC? I was born and raised in BC and absolutely love it here! I don't know how anyone deals with the winters in Alberta, Saskatchewan, or Manitoba. Although, I would like more winter right now... I'm in Kelowna, and the winter here is pathetic! The other day we went for a walk and it felt like April! !:roll: :dohh: Anyways, yeah, thats nice that they will be closer to the other grandparents :) Young girls and already you want number 3! Good for you! How many kids do you think you want?

Thank you! We're very excited to have another boy! Tobias is especially excited. He wants to name him Gurgles haha. I hope you make it to the hospital on time!! You're just like the Hebrew women in Exodus 1:19! Good for you! But that's just like God's children hey? :) I don't know if I'll make it to Valentine's day. I kinda hope not. I don't want him born that day. It's all in God's hands!
Kelowna is nice :). Hubby is from Powell River, I have family in Nanaimo, Penticton, Surrey and Grand Forks. We'd be open to almost anywhere in BC depending where he was able to find work.

Too cute that Tobias wants to name him Gurgles lol. Do you have a name picked yet?

I've always thought I'd like 6 but we decided to leave how many children we have to the Lord, whether we just have the two or another 10 :)
Grand Forks is close to where I grew up! I was born and raised in Castlegar. :) I'm starting to feel that we've talked about this before.....

Anyways, I wish you the best whenever you both feel that its time to move!!

Yeah, trusting in Him with fertility is what I hear lots of people do. Kind of exciting to leave it up to Him. We did that with this pregnancy. I feel that I definitely need to build up my trust and faith in order to leave it up to Him again... I don't know why.
lol I love gargles! very cute of his big bubba <3

I can understand not wanting their bday on a holiday. the year mason was born was a leap yer and I was hoping he didn't come on feb 29th :wacko:

It does remind me of the Hebrew women. I re-read that a few months ago. except it makes it sound pleasant since its fast, but that is very misleading. on paper it sounds nice lol. it was actually a very horrible experience. there was no build up in labor so I went from nothing to very strong contractions 2 mins apart. I couldn't catch my breath in between and it was terrifying. I was trying to pray through them, but it was too much. and then from him coming so fast there was complications with my body. I hemorrhaged pretty bad. he had to be checked for breathing difficulties and bruises since they aren't meant to come that quick and it can effect them pretty negatively. and of course I was unable to hold him right after from all the pain. I would love things to go slower this time. my ideal situation would be like my 4th labor. my water broke and contractions didn't start for a few hours. that would give me a good heads up that things are starting and time to get to the hospital. but I guess we don't get to choose lol!
You can't choose, but you can definitely pray about it! Have you read 'Supernatural Childbirth'? That book is so amazing! Really great for Christian women who want to get pregnant or already are! The truths that are revealed that book are very encouraging! God doesn't want us to have horrific births or be in so much pain. I can't imagine a loving father who would want that for His children. You can look it up on Google and see what you think about it, but I 100% recommend it to help build your faith!
My sister is in ICU :( would appreciate prayers. Drs are running a battery of tests but haven't figured out what's causing her liver to fail yet.

She went to emergency two days ago with pain in her chest when she ate anything. Her friends had all been talking her for a couple days it was just heartburn but the pain was so bad she ended up going in. Not heartburn, and they decided there must have been an infection in her rib cage, gave her antibiotics and sent her home. A few hours later she was back in emergency after she ate something and immediately be tarted vomiting and the pain was excruciating. First thought was gallstones but I think they've ruled that out too. She was in hospital overnight and by yesterday morning she was in ICU as her liver is deteriorating rapidly. Some of today's tests will determine if any of her other organs are similarly affected.

She is getting married in 9 weeks and supposed to be moving house on Wednesday. Please pray for a swift recovery and knowledgeable Dr's. Thank you.
praying for your sis nat!! may the Lord give the dr's wisdom and heal her promptly, in Jesus name. :hugs:
Update on my sister. She has hepatitis. Hopefully her liver has not been too badly damaged and is able to repair itself. Good news is she is being sent home tomorrow! Apparently her condition wasn't as critical as we thought when she was in ICU . it was just that as they couldn't run any tests on the weekend they needed to keep a close eye on her in case she went into full on liver failure or other organs were affected. So thats a relief at least.

Xpecta we'd love an update on your baby when you get a chance!
Wow. I'm glad she's okay! I pray for healing and restoration to her liver! Thank you for the update!

As for me and Christopher - He was born January 26th at a month early. They told us he could be in the NICU for up to a week, but he was out by that evening. He is healthier than they expected because of how early he was. Praise God! He's doing really well now! I'm struggling with recovery a bit. But for the most part I'm good. The older two are struggling a bit, but hopefully will be adjusted soon. I'm loving having my husband home though!!
Thats wonderful that he's doing so well!

I hope your recovery goes smoother and Tobias and Elianna adjust to their new baby brother.
nat- sorry she has hepatitis, but at least they know and its not something much worse!

xpecta- :cloud9: God is so good!
Hi guys :wave:

I saw this thread and thought I would pop in to ask for you to all pray with me. My 12 year old niece was diagnosed with EWINGS sarcoma on Thursday. It is stage 3 and on Friday she will be having a CT scan on Friday to see if it has spread anywhere else (It's is in her pelvis area and on her lung). Can you please join me in prayer. Asking our lord to be with her and give her strength to fight this terrible illness. Also pray that the scan brings some good news. Thank you and bless you :flower:
I'm just up for Chatting with Christians right now. At any stage in your faith, in your Life.

I'm having a time trying to figure out how to get my 3 year old more in touch with God right now. He watches Veggie Tales, and Prays for every meal and every night, but I don't know how to really really incorporate Jesus into his daily life. It sounds kind of bad, but I just don't want to be too forceful, or too Lenient, you know?

Anyways, if anyone has anything to say about Christianity, please, Chime in and chat! Look forward to talking with you all!

God Bless!

Hi, read your post from 3 years ago.. just wondering how is your son's relationiship with Jesus now? How did you incorporate Jesus into his life? God bless!
aidan's mummy- praying for your niece to have complete healing and wholeness and strength in Jesus name! amen <3
Hi everyone. I'm just recently back on the forum. I checked periodically, but for some reason didn't get a notification for this thread. I don't know why. Anyways, hi! How is everyone doing?

Atleastthree, honestly, I feel as though I'm in the same place with him. We've had a really tough year and a half. Things are just starting to clear up. So we haven't done much with building his relationship with Jesus unfortunately. However, there are times where I feel he's my much more wise than me! He does know who God is and knows what He's capable of.

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