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I refuse to have them share a birthday!! I'm putting all my faith into that NOT happening!!
I refuse to have them share a birthday!! I'm putting all my faith into that NOT happening!!

:happydance: I love this! I had one due march 14, born feb 21- but he was induced for complications. next was due march 18, born on his own march 6. now I am due march 15. I would like them to have different birthdays, but I guess we will see how it goes!
My sons birthday is March 14th! He was due April 8th. Then my daughter was due March 8th, and was born February 24th. HOWEVER In November, my reproductive system was healed, so I have no idea what to expect with this one!
oh Congrats Xpecta I hadnt seen you are expecting again

I just hope this one decides to avoid MIL's birthday which is the same as my original LMP due date. I was moved forward 6 days by the scan and since i cant pinpoint when we concieved since my cycles were varying from 28-31 days at the time it could be anywhere
Well at least you have everything you need for another boy :). I have a friend with four boys too and she adores them.
lynnikins i was surprised as well to learn im having my 5th boy i never thought i would have so many boys funny how Gods plans can be so different from our own. Excited now to meet him x
yeah its getting real now with the loss of sleep from a wiggly baby boy and then having my homebirth risk assesment booked now for 2wks time
lynnikins 6wks will fly by. I wish i was that close x
I hope all goes well for you lyn!

Man, I'm camping right now, and in a tent and last night I had to get up, get dressed and walk all the way across the campground to the bathroom about 5 times! Uggghhh!! But on a lighter note, tomorrow is my 24th Birthday, and I got a call from the U/S Clinic, and they moved my Ultrasound to tomorrow! I'm so excited! What a lovely Birthday Present for me! :)
happy birthday hun!!!!

yay for the new ultrasound on your birthday! what a great present :)
Well, it seems as though we haven't been keeping in touch very well :s how are you ladies doing? I'm feeling very uncomfortable these days! Really ready to not be pregnant anymore. At 33 weeks, I was measuring 40 weeks. This has been my most painful, uncomfortable pregnancy to date.
sorry your so uncomfortable hun! I am the same size I was when I had the last 2 babies. and I still have almost 8 weeks to go! im within 10 pounds of being as big as my biggest pregnancy :wacko: im already very uncomfortable
Sorry youre so uncomfortable :(

Life here is plodding along. Busy days with two under two. Starting to get broody for #3 :haha:

Just went to Canada for Christmas, first time we've been back since we moved here and we've started discussing moving back in 2-3 years when dh is finished his schooling and we all have citizenship (but I've realized that we can be citizens as soon as December! Thought we had a couple years yet)
Exciting! How was Canada for you? You guys are thinking of moving back? Where abouts? Wow, number 3 already. How old are your girls right now?

Sorry you're so uncomfortable Blessedmomma! I definitely feel you. I've got a C Section booked for February 14th so at least I know we won't go past that!
Hubby is from BC and I grew up in Alberta. If we moved back it would be to BC cause I could handle the milder winters and also so we could be nearer his family. I dont feel like it would be fair to the girls to move them a way from one set of grandparents without replacing them with the other. We wouldn't livebwhere they do as its too isolated and no work, but if we could see them every couple months even that would be ok.

Saranna just turned two and Chloe is 7 months old.

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