Any one feel like you just can't get ahead?

Discussion in 'Single Parents' started by Dream.dream, Jun 4, 2013.

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    Sep 1, 2011
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    Lately I feel that way. I'm doing everything I can, I finished high school got a degree , then had an unplanned pregnancy and now I feel like I just can't get my head back above water

    I've applied for jobs every day for 2 months . I couldn't get any on my field of study so I lowered my standards and I have been applying for everything McDonald's, retail anything that's hiring .

    I've had only 3 interview and no call back. At the interviews I'm pretty sure I didn't get them because I'm visibly pregnant .

    This baby's dad has paid half my rent 2 months in a row , and I'm behind on daycare payments , I've sold everything I could to make money but its jot enough

    I just wondering when its going to end and when ill just be okay again. I never want much I'm the kind of person whose happy to be able to pay my bills and that's it .

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