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Anyone else feeling queezy?


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Nov 8, 2006
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Well today is day two of not feeling to good. I woke up again at 6:00 this morning and had a dull abdominal ache like if you have a dodgy gut and need to visit the loo (sorry :oops: ) tried going to the loo and again at 7:00 so havent slept great. It feels a bit like period aches, you know that slightly crampy tender abdomen and lower back, just groggy. I dont feel like I want to be sick I just feel eugh. Just pissed of that Ihave felt like this since first thing yesterday. Dont know whats causing it, has anyone else felt like this in the later stages of PG before?
TBH CAt i'm getting a few days like this. I just feel really off colour and sicky. Eating 'cos i have to not 'cos i want too. Sometimes i feel fine. Hope you feel better soon.
Are you sure you aren't coming down with something? Here there are a lot of colds going around.
I had a day or 2 of feeling queezy.....possibly just all part of the pregnancy enjoyment? Hope you are feeling better now! x
When i was PG with maddie i had a few days of where i had upset tum and felt gross!!!
BUT : there is alot of sickness and dhiorrea about
No Im not vomiting or anything, and its off and on. It think its just my stomach being squashed and giving me like reflux a bit or something. I seriously think this baby is huge, I cant sit upright anymore cause my ribs get crushed and I cant physically manage it! How can I have nearly 2 months to go, I wasnt like this last time!!! I cant get down to ground level anymore, cause Im scared I cant get up again :cry:
I feel for you babe, I wondered how I had 2 months left too (well I didn't Alfie came naturally one month early) keep your chin up babe, you are doing great!

You feeling any better now?
Feel okay so far today, felt hideous yesterday. Imade the mistake of spending the day shopping on Norwich, and took Noah to big soft play area called Bedlam. Not sure who enjoyed themselves most Noah or OH, who wanted to keep burying himself in the ball pool and them jumping out at a hysterical Noah. A day of hardcore shopping is not a good idea now, came home a virtual cripple, had to get pizza hut for dinner as felt like I couldnt move at all. (my excuse) just felt like when you have a huge meal and you feel like you will split open cause your so bloated, plus my hips and ribs and back hurt, and was generally very tired. Its so annoying when I have been confined to the ouse for over 2 months due to pain walking, and Ijust wanted to go out and have a nice day out with family, but it causes me so much pain :( All shopping to be done online now, cant handle the walking about.
Awwww hun ... how horrid for you!

I hope things start to look up for you soon as this must be awful for you!

Hope you feel better ...

Glad you had a good day, but I know how you feel babe, a good day out would be so painful and I would be basically chair bound the next day as I would be in so much pain :(

Just take it easy babe as much as you can! But glad you are feeling better in yourself! x

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