Anyone still getting period type pains?



Im still getting these period type cramps and they are really painful. Yesterday i had it on the right side today on the left! Will mention it to my midwife later but just wondered if u r all getting these streching pains still?
Yep. Especially on my left side when I've been walking for more than a few minutes :-(
I do around my back and legs but assumed it was babe lying on that nerve again. this morning i woke up all sore :( nothing serious just annoying.
yeh im still getting them aswell but when i asked my midwife she sed its just the baby growing spec if its ur 1st cause ur body ant used to it !
meeee yes! keep getting them and even in my lower back/bum like i used to on period thought we left period pains behind lol lucky its not as bad, xxx
I still get them. It's sort of like a pulling/crampy feeling but it doesn't last long.
I have them on and off and they usually dont last very long.
I get them , usually toward the end of the day when ive been on my feet all day and usually around the right side.
yes babes i get them too,
something to do with round ligaments. i don't like them i cant get comfy at all when they come.
yes babes i get them too,
something to do with round ligaments. i don't like them i cant get comfy at all when they come.

You are exactly right hun just been to the midwife and that what she reckons too as it can be more uncomfortable on 2nd plus pregnancys due to ur body already doing it before Thanks
yes always getting them! mostly on the left side though but had the same all the way through with my daughter so i am not worried!! xx
Yeah, they kinda suck, but it means baby is growing, so I always try to keep them in mind.
im getting unbearable pains and sometimes stabbing pains down below?
i still get the odd pains too hun i dont think its anything to worry about! xx
yes I am getting those still :( you're right to mention it to the midwife if you're concerned
yes still get em.. can be a bit worrying i find, but i think its normal.. x
yea im still getting them, midwife told me its completely normal, i never had it so bad with my first child but its worse this time and mw said its because its my 2nd baby, seems to be worse if i walk a lot
I've had it bad this time around. This is my second, too, and I'm noticing things a LOT more than I did when I was pregnant with Jonah! I sailed through that pregnancy, but this time I've got a lot of stretching sensations that are not at all comfortable, I still get the occassional, brief cramping and my lower back has been KILLING me!! It is definitely worse when I walk, or sweep up or stand too long.
omg ive had this all day to the extent where im convinced im gonna start bleeding at any moment!

my mil mentioned nerves or something its gone now i had wondered if it was because me and oh have :sex: more than norm this week!
Yes me too! They feel so like period pains that when I get them I am almost convinced I will go to the loo and see blood (but when I do there's nothing there), it's not nice as it feels wrong to have pain that feels just like a period! But like others have said they don't last long, maybe on and off for maybe a day or two then they seem to go away again.

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