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Aug 31, 2006
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My washing machine is bust & the guarantee ran out about 2 weeks ago *cries* :cry:
oh no! whats wrong with it?

Isnt that always the way, something always breaks just after teh garentee runs out.

Im waiting for mine to break, ive had it 10 years now

Its the landlords which is worse - How much more in this house will break? It will cost £93 for the service guy just to come out? Well sod that I'm buying my own washing machine - Another £100 would get me that! :o
£93?! wow thats alot, yeah for that price your better off buying your own, if its the landlords then get him to fix it

Found a hotpoint reduced from £280 to £255 or another reduced to £262 with a £25 code off & 2.5% cashback on Quidco saving another £5 so be £225 or £232 ... Still pissed off I don't have the money to do this shit! :cry:
wobbles our washingmachine went just before x-mas cost us £90 for new electronics and it still wasnt fixed 4 weeks later and the guy refused to come back out to fix it or give us our money back :cry:

up here their is a place called remploye recycle what they do is all the washingmachines ect that get up lifted by the ouncil, instead of them going to teh dump they go to this place and get re furbished and thast where we got our hotpoint one for £60 and its a great wee one :wink:

worth checking out see if their is one near you, plus it comes with a years guarantee :D

soz if this dont help hun
British Heart Foundation


Think I'd rather get a new one with a decent reputation now!
Wobbles said:
British Heart Foundation


Think I'd rather get a new one with a decent reputation now!

what page you looking at brittish heart foundation :? :?

they are fully reconditioned items! they are reputable makes of machines ie hotpoint whirrelpool service straight from the manufacture with original parts spares ect so basicly its a brand new machine in a newly painted and up graded body :p

plus its eco friendly as it doesnt end up in a landfill sight

so sorry if that didnt help i thought it would have been nice to share what we done to get ours and it saved us loads of money too :)
cool link weestar, I had never heard of that, its a really good idea. Why is it that it is always so hard to find out about really good schemes like this, its almost as if councils dont want to promote them.
E-cycle outlets in Staffordshire
British Heart Foundation
38-44 Campbell Place,
London Road,
Stoke on Trent,

Can't see that shop will have washing machines.

PS: It did help Weestar I'm just really pissed off for a number of reasons really ....

We're trying to move & we are having a BAD month its a nightmare so on our worst financial month this happens. Trying to get my CC sorted as it is - I have LOADS of damp stuff in my bath ready to start smelling. The money on my CC is for when we start private ....

I'll calm down soon I'm sure :?
I'm with you with Arghhhhhhhhhhh
one of my cooker hobs decided to melt yesterday, is gas and melted the metal stand on bit( you know what i mean :lol: )

I rent my washing machine and dryer as i have no luck with them at all, i know it is costing me more in the long run, but they upgrade them for me every year and even come to house to collect money which is a bonus (not a pound slot thingy)

So might be worth looking at renting one just til you get sorted
Bloody washing machines.........our cryer packed up a few weeks ago, not ideal with Alfie on the way :? So we will be investing in another soon :( And yes, our warranty had just run out too :cry: sods bloody law!
Mine just won't drain - We had to flood the conservatory last night (undo the filter) to get the stuff out! :o
mine did that!

i had a local energier (sp?) out, cost me £25 to get it fixed, turns out a wire from my bra had got stuck in the filter bit hehe

Well filters been cleaned & still doesn't work :cry:
BTW what is with washing machines taking 28 days to deliver! I'm a bit :shock:
Layla said:
mine did that!

i had a local energier (sp?) out, cost me £25 to get it fixed, turns out a wire from my bra had got stuck in the filter bit hehe


:rofl: Ours did that too!!!! And it was an underwire :oops: AND another time, it was fluff from a split quilt :shock:
Well I have every wire left in my bras so its not that lol & I cleaned my filter.

Nah mind I bought one! I've always had Hotpoint until today & I loved them so thats what I've bought. Most sites said up to 28 days delivery which I can't wait on so eBay bargain it was - Same washing machine only £10 cheaper than I would have paid & waited weeks for.

Be worth it I guess :D OH said we will go 50/50 on it so thats a bit of pressure off.

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