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Discussion in 'Pregnancy - Third Trimester' started by somebody, Nov 15, 2011.

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    Hi Ladies,

    Hoping this will help some of you who are worrying.

    My pregnancy was going really well until I got to 27 weeks, my FH was only 25. Then at 31+4 i measured 28. Was sent for a growth scan but had to wait 2 weeks.

    Had growth scan at 33+4, FH only measured 29, scan showed baby only on 5th centile baby estimated weigh 1571 g. Didn't say anything about steroid shots but said need to come back in 2 weeks.

    I was a mess really worried and even went to get monitored as was sure baby movements had slowed down.

    Seen midwide 34+4 measured FH at 30.

    Yesterday at 35+4 had second growth scan, and actaully seen top consultant he measured my FH at 34, said I was 2/5 engaged and that although baby is small hes happy. Growth scan showed some growth but my baby is happy moving along the 5th Centile. His estimated fetal weight now is 1883g.

    He put my mind at rest unlike the midwife and said some babies are just meant to be smaller then the average.

    He would like to see me in another 3 weeks but said I don't need another scan, told me babies movements would change and not for me to worry.

    I have been in tears on and off for the last few weeks wondering whats going to happen. Now I'm just going to enjoy the last few weeks of my pregnancy.

    Hope I helped someone.

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    thats crazy...i went to the dr today for my check up and measured 25 cm when im suppose to be 27 cm. i had this prblem with my last pregnancy and ended up being induced at 34 weeks. son was fine just 4lbs and had to keep him extra warm until he was able to regulate his own body temp. my amniotic fluid was very low. so now i gotta go back in 2 weeks to see whats going on. :saywhat:
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    My bump was always quite a bit smaller and then one time it looked like it hadn't grown at all ( I thought it was different MW measurements) and I got sent for a growth scan.
    EVERYBODY spent the whole time telling me how small I looked (other than a few people I am pretty sure my mum paid to tell me I looked big!!!) and I had such a complex!!!!
    However my beautiful girl was born at 7lb 2 (day before my due date) and is putting on weight nicely, little chunk! Just relax!
    As a positive my bump disappeared very quickly after baby was born!
    Hugs xxx

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