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babyman.net Update post 1, bumped for fun lol!


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Jun 11, 2008
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This is another one of those prediction sites where you put in your age at delivery and month of conception and you get guessed boy or girl. Frankly I think these things are totally random and just for a laugh but I painfully have to admit that this one had me 6 out of 6 correct! It has me for a girl for this next one so I will wait and see if its right for me again.


Update, well got to say I still hate these things lol, BUT yes I had a girl!! as predicted. So he now has me 7 for 7 correct.
I'm apparently having a girl. Every little test I try always comes out girl! Guess we shall see!
It says my boy will be a girl.... Most of these test I did came up with a girl too - I still felt it was a boy though :)
It says I'm having a boy and yep I'm having a boy

All the other ones say I'm having a girl
Got my last 2 babies right , Girl then Boy ... Now says iam having a boy !!! , Everything points to girl , But we shall see Monday Lunch time lol. xx .
Okay it got my first right as a girl and this time it says i'm having a boy........ only another month or so until we hopefully find out for sure.
Mine says boy and Im convinced its a boy! only 3 weeks till I find out
Well, it ain't doind too bad is it really lol. I'm still very cross with it 6 out of 6!! And a girl next. I want a BOY next:rofl: It better start messing up for me or else!:hissy:
apparently I'm having a boy...lol...hopefully he looks good in pink
its says a boy... and as novbaby says hopefully he will look good in pink lol
Ooops, theres gonna be some funnily dressed boys out there this time next year:rofl:

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