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Sep 1, 2006
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Tomorrow, after being off 5 weeks. :cry:

I dont want to go back-let alone tell them Im expecting again, think I will wait til after the 12 week mark.

They can't sack u can they for having kids close together?

I dont want to lose my job, but this time I want to take a year off-definitley going to have to save.

I will miss u ladies, but will be back on when I can. Thanks for all iur support lately. It means a lot xxx
Aw un time will fly dont yo worry, you can have maternety leave as close to last time as you like, it doesnt really cost your employer as they claim your maternety pay back anyway from the tax office.

I got pregnant when I started my last job, and Im finished now already, it flew by!
no they cant sac you for that. i went back of Maternity leave from Dior the first day i was back i had to tell them i was 9weeks pregnant :lol:

a bit of a piss taker i no 8)
Awww K I will miss you ya gobby moo :rofl:

BUT You can still come an see us in the evenings :twisted:
I'm hoping to be able to go back on the 5th Feb after getting a BFP in the morning! :lol:
Awwww KX u poor thing goin back to work :evil: i hate working!
Good luck with tellin them ur news they cant say anything anyway!
Im going to wait til the beginning of March to tell them :D

Give me time to prepare and get the all clear scan wise hopefully xxx
:D Spose its best!
How r u feelin anyways? Do u know how far u are?
Something ridiculous like 5 weeks :shock:

long road ahead ..are u going to ttc again soon hun? ur lil man is just adorable :D
:hugs: Thank u!
We're not TTc as such but we're not doin anythin to prevent it happening, i want it more than anything but im not gonna send myself mad anymore. Ive said this so many times but by the time AF is due im like a mad woman imaging all the symtoms an so on :lol:
Time will fly K i bet.
Awwwwww it's gonna be quiet without you around! Roll on maternity leave :wink: :lol:

Good Luck babe! x
Tam said:
Awwwwww it's gonna be quiet without you around! Roll on maternity leave :wink: :lol:

Good Luck babe! x
Have a feeling we're loosing K & gaining you again soon :roll: :lol:

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