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Aug 23, 2008
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Hi! Just wondering if all belly buttons pop out? Im on my 27th week now going 28 but it doesnt seem like my belly button would pop out. What about yours? Thanks

Mine hasn't yet. I'm not sure if they all do to be honest.
I think some just stretch and flatten out. Mine doesn't seem anywhere close -- it's still just the same as it's ever been -- and I have a feeling it won't pop until I'm near the end, if it even does.
Mine popped a few weeks ago but was threatening to weeks before it actually did! It is now in a permanant state of outi-ness - although sometimes manages to get back in there when I'm lying down. OH likes to check it out daily to see if it's come out anymore (is about halfway out atm.) I hope it goes back in after bubs is here!
Mines flattened out and I recon it's ready to blow any day ^^
Mine didn't with Caitlin but who knows with this one :) Not showing any signs yet :hug:
mine is just a very deep black hole at the moment but got a long way to go before it pops lol xx
mine semi has .. its slowly on its way out. I reckon by about 33/34 weeks it'll be there
mine never did with brendan, and i dont think it will with this one either
My belly button looks AWFUL!!!!

I've had a couple of surgeries for stuff that was done through my belly button, and so now the scars (which used to be small and not all that noticable) have stretched and are huge now. It's also on the verge of popping, methinks. I hope it doesn't. I don't like outies! :p
Amy's is 'level' and she hates me saying it but it looks like a starfish
Mine is further out than it was and i think it's only a matter of time....
I think everyone is different. I can already tell that mine will probably not pop!
Mine's Completely Flat Now,Look's Like An Eye Hahaha..... :?

I Can Definately See Mine Popping Out Soon.

It Look's Stupid At Minute,I Wish It'd Just POP! :lol:
mines pretty flat most days but when i eat loads it pops right out and u can see it through my tops hehe, its so noticeable sometimes im surprised it hasnt poked anyones eye out yet lol

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