BT VISION - *rant*


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May 9, 2008
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We got BT vision instead of sky as it was cheaper for one and we got the box free ...
I dont know if anyone else has it but i definately would not recommend it!!

It keeps on coming up with errors and every time i bloody ring up i have to do the same shit and then they say "it should work now" yes it does work for about half a day then it starts doing it again.
Im going to ring them one more time, if i have to ring AGAIN after this time today i am cancelling it. Its bloody pissing me right off.
Whats the point in paying for something if you can blinking watch it??


BT customer services are crap too!! We are with them for phone and broadband and they are the rudest customer helper people i have ever spoken to..and most of them are sooo incredibley stupid, and hardly the issue gets resolved...
We tried this ... NIGHTMARE!!

Soon realised SKY was the better option ;)

Hey let me refer you if you change over :rofl:
we were concidering bt vision have sky already but after reading this i aint gunna bother
No i wouldnt have bothered either if i had known...its bloody useless.
My mil had to get it canceled 2 days again and she now getting sky back in. This went on for a week of them telling her to do this and do that and buy this wire or that thing

If i do switch to Sky i will get in contact with you wobbles :)
i have it and also find it takes ages to load up like atleast 10 minutes. And its so loud!
Hi there we have bt vision the first time we ever had it this was doing the same as yours error and breaking down all the time but they come out and gave us a new box
and we have had no problems with this one at all.

We got the bt vision box free because i have the phone and mobile contract phone
so its good really because you dont have any payments for it and you can record all your programmes on and with sky you have a set bill to pay

I really hope you get it sorted.

We have virgin media and a few weeks ago it wouldn't let me acces most of the channels. After spending half an hour on the phone, they told me I had credit on my account and this had resulted in them temporarily barring my services :dohh:

I didn't even ask why, I was just glad to get the tv back on lol

We were thinking of swapping as our internet is sloooow but from what we can work out they are all about the same, and I can never understand a word when I have to phone them and get put through to a call centre in Bangladesh :dohh:

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