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Can I join You All In Here Please?

Spunky Cupkake

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Sep 14, 2006
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I cant believe in 27 weeks already this pregnancy is flying going too quick but cant wait to meet little one now

i have a hospital appointment on march 16th to see consultant to see if i can have another scan as i wasnt happy with the last one i didnt feel they told me enough during the scan like where the babies parts of the body were so im hoping the consultant will say yes and ill think i will ask to double check baby to see if she is definately a girl ohh well i will keep you all updated

spunky xxx
Hope you bought the cake with you? Lol

Welcome hun itgoes too quick from here seems 2 weeks ago i got it third tri and now 3ish weeks to go :shock:

Well I have moved me fat bum and there is room here for you,so enjoy hun and welcome!

aww thanks bexxie yes ive brought the cake a the biscuits lol xx
Hope you saved some cake for me.

Like Bex says it will fly by. Can't belive 4 1/2 weeks to go, less if i get induced.

Now you not having section bex we could end up having lo on the same day :lol:
Welcome to the 3rd Tri hun, not long now......just don't over do it on the cake! x

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