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Sep 4, 2008
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Hello everyone. I'm in he pill cycle off of tmy second month TTC now, and I have a couple of questions if thats OK?!

I can't quite understand why I'm ovulating on day 18. This seems a bit odd as my first cycle legnth was only 24 days. I'm on day 17 of my cycle now and still no signs of ovulating! I'm using the little green strips popular on ebay. Are they reliable?? How long should it take my cyle to get normal after coming off of the pill? I went on holiday halfway through my last pill packet and forgot to take them away with me (doh), so that month I only took half a pack of pills so maybe thats what's messing things up. I don't know what to think.

Also, what is the general opinion of babystart ovulation microscopes? I was thinking of giving that a go!

Thanks ladies for all your help. Although I'm only a newbie I promise to give out advice wherever I can! Good luck everyone!
Hi Gem, Everyone is totally different
Some ladies come off the pill and have no issues at all.
Me, i came off the pill and it took 81 days for the :witch: to arrive.

the pill does horrid things to us and it does take some time to get it out of your system, it's been known to take up to a year for cycles to regulate themselves.

the best thing you could do really is try monitoring - i've no experience with microscopes but i do take my temp every morning before i get out of bed which is helping me understand my cycle better.

Good Luck!
Hi Gem,

Bloomin cycles, they're such a nusiance!

Coming off bcp affects us all differently ... my was pretty bad and I didnt have an AF for 10 months! But others go straight into normal cycles and some get pg straight away. Finally my cycles are now calming down! Not sure about stopping pills half way through a packet though.

The length of time between ovulation and your AF (aka your LP (leutal phase) always stays the same. The changes in length of period is down to the beginning bit, from cd1 to ovulation. So even if you have not ovulated yet, don't worry, you should not then have an AF really quick afterwards. Anything can shorted and lengthen a cycle, mainly stress and illness though.

I get on very well with the green cheapie OPKs, but others dont - they either get positives all the way through or negatives all the way through. I had complete negatives (i.e. not even a faint line) until the day before my positive (on cd24) and then the next day it was really faint and then on day 3 it had gone back to just one line.

Can't help about the babystart thingy though ... never heard of it!!

Hope the info helps and good luck with TTC

Yeah i agree with the others. I'm on my 3rd cycle atm, and haven't got pregnant so i'm assuming my bodies still sortin itself out + flushing the pill outta it.

It can take years to get pregnant even if you ovulate when you've predicted, on the dot, it just has to be the right time and the right way, it's pretty awkward if you think about it really lol!

I haven't started temping or using anythin except the cervical mucus and my uterus position yet, so can't help you there sorry.

Good luck + welcome to BnB :) x
When I stopped bcp my first AF took 7 weeks to arrive and then the second one was 40 days later. However, to confuse things I got a pos OV test last week on CD 7?! So as the others have said everyone is different and is not unusual to be irregular after stopping bcp!

I do use the OPK's from ebay (fertility plan) and find them helpful. I was so confused not knowing what was going on these have helped me see at least I am ovulating. Again, everyone is different, but I always seem to get a line of some description, usually faint which gradually gets darker until OV and then over the next couple of days fades back again to faint.

Hope that helps.

PS. Sorry can't help with temping as can't get my head around that!
exactley like littlestar said hun, every one is different, i'll tell u wot i use that u can get cheaper on ebay is a persona fertility monitor...same as clearblue on but cheaper, they give u the exact same signs n symbols, u get an egg sign when u guna O 12-36 hrs later, opk sometimes r a little wierd,them IC ones i do along side my monitor so i know wot my pos looks like just incase out was2happen2me monitor!! and mines never as dark as the control line,very close but never the same...i got my monitor from ebay,really cheap...there £60 in boots!! and the clearblue ones are £100 i belive, nowt wrong with 2nd tho, u just after reset it so it knows its u and not somaone eles, there fantastic and wud defo recommend it!! keep a eye out on ebay as mine only had mintues2go n i was the first one2bid!! :) hope ur cycles get bk2normal asap :)
charlie5 just cos u get a pos opk uknow dont mean ur defo O i get them and dips in my chart and doc think ive low estrogen,and my body is gettin ready for O (hence the pos opk) but might not be realising the egg !! i was sheel shocked2say the least! as i didnt think this was possible, but ad cd21 done this wk and of course im keepin my fingers X :)
Wow. Thanks everyone for the great detailed responses. You lot are fab! I feel much better now, I was beginning to think there was something wrong with me but at least now I know I'm fine! The persona monitors look great and I wam watching a few on ebay now! I thing I have a bit of a warped view of conception. My son was conceived on one night on a one week long fling when I was on the pill!! It must have been meant to be obviously! I think I thought that as soon as I came off the pill I would fall pregnant almost immediately! Thanks for all your help. I think I might stick around here for a bit! :hug:
Yeah my body was pretty whacked after coming off the pill. Still trying to get used to the idea of not taking that little pill anymore. Isn't it funny how we try so hard not to get pregnant with that little pill - and now, its all we wish for. You will love these forums. We really lean on each other.
I came off the pill in October last year and it wasnt untill I had my mc in May this year that my cycles sorted themselves out. I am now a regular as clockwork 28 days.... no bfp yet though.
I would use the digital or smiley face sticks if you can afford them so you know they are defo positives!
charlie5 just cos u get a pos opk uknow dont mean ur defo O i get them and dips in my chart and doc think ive low estrogen,and my body is gettin ready for O (hence the pos opk) but might not be realising the egg !! i was sheel shocked2say the least! as i didnt think this was possible, but ad cd21 done this wk and of course im keepin my fingers X :)

Hmmmm.....I understand what you are saying.....I assumed as I have had cramping and pos ov together and then 14 days later af I was but you are saying maybe I am not actually ov'ing. :dohh: So cd21 bloods or pg are the only way to be sure you are ov'ing have I got that right?

Fingers crossed for you.

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