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Discussion in 'Two Week Wait' started by lynnxo, May 30, 2013.

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    hey all! i'm new to temping but not new to ttc. hubby and i have been ttc for 11 months with no luck. i used OPK for the last 2 cycles to make sure i had an accurate measure of when i was ovulating. i started temping this cycle but I didnt start on day 1 like i should have so i know it's hard to find a pattern to my temps right now.

    my question is temp has been 97.2-97.6 since CD14. Today is CD21 and I had a spike up to 98.66 this morning. I ovulated on CD13/14 and my temps are as follows:

    CD14: 97.2
    CD15: 97.6
    CD16: 97.2
    CD17: 97.3
    CD18: 97.6
    CD19: 97.5
    CD20: 97.4
    CD21: 98.6

    I've looked online and people talk about ovulation spikes and things like that but I havent seen anything about a spike around CD21. Do you all have any suggestions for why this happened?

    Editing to state that I generally temp at 4:30am but today I woke up early and temped at 3:30am and that's when I had the 98.66 temp. I tried to go back to sleep and temped again at 4:30am and it had dropped to 97.4. The app I used lets you put in when your normal temp time is and when you actually temped and will estimate what your temp would be if you had taken it at the regular time. it estimated my temp would have risen to 98.86 had I waited until 4:30am, but my temp had actually gone down by then. the whole temping thing comfuses me and i'm sure i'm trying to read into this without having enough tracking to go off of.
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    I temp too but I don't know if I can help you. I use it as an overall guide and don't pay too much attention to any particular temps. I am just looking for O date and the overall trend of my temps after O. If your temp stays up, it could be a good sign.

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