Chemical Pregnancy after FET

Discussion in 'TTC After A Loss' started by kittiecat, Jun 4, 2019.

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    Still can’t believe this has happened to us. Had our long awaited frozen embryo transfer on the 22nd May, got our first bfp 5 days later and the tests steadily grew darker till at 10dp5dt (4+1) they stopped darkening. Official test day was the following day and I still got pregnant 1-2 on a digi but did a test yesterday morning and it was way fainter. Today I got not pregnant on a digi and the clinic have confirmed I can come off the meds and I’m now at 4+4 I’m waiting to bleed. I know it’s such an early loss but I’m devastated. Now I need to decide how soon we go again for our last frozen embryo transfer as we only have one embryo left.

    Also have no idea what to expect from the bleeding and if it’ll be more painful than a normal period. Would appreciate hearing anyone else’s experience.
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    So sorry for your loss. I have had two chemicals. One wasn’t very typical as I was only 2 months PP but the first one was like a heavy and clotty af. Take it easy, I found it easier to be at home during it and I took a day off work for the worst day.
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    I wanted to write it here as well.
    I'm so sorry. My CP broke my heart. :hugs: It's difficult, especially after staring at positive tests :hugs: hang in there.

    Mine gave me a longer cycle. I'm usually 27-29. and because of it, I bled for 8 days instead of 3-4 and the cycle following it was 32 days.

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