Clearout and labour (TMI included)


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Jan 27, 2008
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hi all i dont know if i am just reading more into things, but was wondering if things have started to happen, or maybe not and im a little ill.

was having a chilled afternoon nap then woke up and within 10 mins i felt really ill - needed to vomit (TMI) still felt a little bad after so went for a walk round the block. when i was out i had to rush the walking (must be funny seeing a waddling whale down the street speed walking) :rofl: as had to really really go to the toilet, and by god did i(Again TMI - did warn you!:rofl:)

well im wondering is this the great clear out or is this just me being a little ill? if it was the grad old clear out - how long after this does the big event start?

sorry for so many labour questions over last couple of days - am starting to wonder if all these changes and niggles mean something is about to start
Good luck honey!! Hope this is it for you!!! x x x:hug:
Was just watching the baby channel and the midwife on there said it's common to have a big clear out 1 or 2 days before so maybe you haven't got long to wait! Good luck. x
Thats great thanks - exactly what i was looking for. so this could be a sign of things getting ready - hopefully i only have to wait a couple of days.

another question if anyone is still with me, do you get one clear out - several? does it come beofre/after or with a show as i have not had this yet?

thanks fo all your support again
Mrs C,

Quite a lot of my friends had diahorrea (sp?) about a day before giving birth. Hopefully, this is a sign for you.

I have had some today as well...although, as I have had loose stools off and on (sorry if TMI) during pregnancy, due to the iron tablets I am on and I had spicy food last night, I am not sure if it is down to that!
hiya ive had the same thing for a week now the sickness and runs oh the joys having a show ie plug doesnt always mean labour as it can start to come away and replemish its self from 18 weeeks plus good luck all :hug:

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