Cloth Diapers and Newborns - Inserts question.

Discussion in 'Natural Parenting' started by Abz1982, May 30, 2013.

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    OK, so I am still not 100% on the cloth diapering and it is because when I put them on LO his legs are splayed apart. I have the Little Bloom ones. I was using just one insert, but I am wondering if it is because the liner is too wide?

    I have seen that the bum genius ones have a slimmer newborn insert.

    Do you think it would just be ok to fold the insert in half, or just fold the edges in a bit so as to make it narrower?
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    The wider crotches of some cloth nappies are actually very good for baby's hips. Narrow nappies let baby's legs hang down in a way that isn't actually very good. Take a look at this link - It's not actually about nappies but you can see how the same principles can be applied to nappies, especially in the second set of 'baby harnesses' pictures. The page is not written by anybody that would profit from baby carriers or nappies, it's by a not-for-profit organisation. Hopefully that should set your mind at ease - wider nappies are good!

    I wouldn't go folding the inserts in half or even in a bit because then you won't have absorbency all the way to the edge of the nappy - you'd be asking for leaks really.

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