colic/constipation and vacicines - stressed

Discussion in 'Natural Parenting' started by shazney22, Jan 23, 2011.

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    hey Im at my wits end, my daughter is 4 months and colic is still here, I use gripe water and infacol but they aint working, my back is breaking from carrying her up and down the floor all day. she seems to be really in pain, surely this cant just be colic? shes had it since 1 and a half months, on top of that they cancelled the last two vaccines shes due to get before she turns one, on 8th dec due to the weather and Ive phoned two weeks ago and they said I will get a letter out on top of that shes not had her 6 week check, Im really fed up with it all. Is there anywhere I can complain to? I noticed that her letters for jags come from carluke health board, not my actually surgery? Im pissed off with it all, all I seem to do is complain these days, its been a shit month ( I think ave posted this in the wrong bit ) grrrr

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