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Dec 17, 2007
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Talking to babies and baby talk...

I talk to and interact with Brooklynn all day generally. In the last couple of days she has been happy though to sit in her chair for quite a while at a time by herself not "saying" anything and I'm at a loss...
Though she wakes up and "talks" for hours in the morning.

Is this ok? That I let her sit by herself and don't chatter to her. She isn't alone, I'm working nearby, but.... I'm not sure if I should let her have the time until she starts "asking" for interaction again or should I just go ahead and interupt her quiet time? OH says it's good for her but I'm not sure.

Any ideas?
It's fine hun!!! Babies need time to themselves.
I take my cues from Ally. Sometimes I think he is learning and developing more by just watching and not being bothered by me trying to entertain him when he doesn't need it. She'll let you know if she's bored by crying!
i notice with charlie he makes more noises during the morning then quietens down in the day then he might start making lots of noises again in the afternoon i think they just have quiet times and noisy times xxx
Course its fine hun , its great your letting your child do that! Getting time to themselves!
I feel like you sometimes that i should be entertaining her all the time she is awake, but i put her in the bouncer underneath her toy thingy and she loves it....smiling, babbling and kicking away! When she starts crying i take that as the cue she has had enough and wants a cuddle.
i do the same jack loves having time on hiis own x
She definitely follows the pattern of babbling all morning, slows down around lunch, and then wants "to do" something before dinner.

I'm so worried about "wrecking" her that I'm happy you all are here to ask questions to :) Thanks

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