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Aug 31, 2006
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Hmmmmm I feel silly asking :rofl:

I sometimes get O cramps ... well maybe its just I notice some months more than others but I've had dull lowwww cramps since the weekend!

Now last month I avoided the O day as you/most will know from my other post but this month tbh I didn't pay any attention to it even got a thermometer to chart for 2 months again an haven't bothered once. Which is a godo thing its been nice going with the flow ....

Anyway I knew I had AF on a Sunday so that would have been 18th March ... eek an we had cuddles on either Tuesday or Wednesday & the Friday gone which were days 10 or 11 & day 13 :dohh: Hadn't really clicked on til I looked at the calender this morning because the cramps are pissing me off & I mentioned it to OH yesterday & he said "are you due on" I thought no not yet but coudln't work out in my head where I was & didn't look til this morning as I said ....

You know me and ovulation cramps! I don't think I ought to answer!!!:dohh:
Hmmmm yer you did you go and see your GP :trouble:

Hi Wobbles,

I suffer from ovulation cramps every month. Mine are like mild period pains but they don't normally last that long. Anywhere from 15 minutes to a couple of hours at their worst. Well, I say all this, but i presume they are ovulation craps, because I have the other ovulation symptoms when i get the cramping (not to the exact minute of course ! lol).

I don't really know your story hun, sorry, haven't read up on past posts yet. Do you not normally ovulate, or do you not get any symptoms?

Naimi I have a journal in the TTC jounals section if you have all day? :rofl:

I do ovulate & I conceive ok ... rest is ****! x Basically lol

Amanda ... tut tut
Amanda ... tut tut

Too bloody busy at the minute with packing, sorting out, getting excited, etc! I will go, honest.....

I thought I'd got a serious problem on Sunday when I was getting really bad pains in my tummy, then I remembered I'd done 50 sit-ups on Saturday to try and get my mummy tummy in shape for the summer!!!!!! :rofl:

Sorry Wobbles, I've hijacked your serious post.... :blush:
lol .... i will settle down to read your story next time I have a cuppa and some biscuits !

I think it's good you are just going with the flow for a while. I've only been trying for 2 months, and I'm already remembering the turmoil I went through trying to concieve my youngest who is now 4. It took 9 months all in all and that was long enough, i hope I'm luckier this time. However, with 3 kids already, I am finding it easier to go with the flow, but thats only because i'm so sodding busy, i just forget ! I'm glad i do get ovulating pains otherwise i think I'd forget when to get busy ! lol.

I hope its your month hun xx
You're not the only one to do that Amanda. I did my Davina dvd a couple of weeks ago and when i woke up in the morning with chronic stomache cramps I was ready to go into major panic mode ! Then I remembered the gut wrenching sit-ups and realised why I was in so much pain ! :rofl:

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