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    Free Yourself

    To be free of your burdens, do something about them.
    The sweetest freedom is the freedom you have earned
    through your own efforts.

    Unresolved problems can be a constant drain on all you do.
    Yet when you solve even one lingering problem,
    you increase the effectiveness of everything else you do.

    Some of the problems facing you may take a good bit of time to solve.
    That's all the more reason for you to get started working on them right now.

    Instead of wasting your energy on worry, invest your energy in effort. Instead of being burdened by the problems, choose to be inspired by them.

    Take useful and effective action
    to make your whole life and your whole world better.
    The moment you begin to act, you suddenly start to feel more confident,
    more powerful, and more in control of your own destiny.

    Think of how great it feels when you finally take care of a
    situation that has needed your attention for a long time.
    Then enable yourself to truly feel that freedom
    by getting the problem solved.

    Ralph Marston
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    Beautiful Chris...thanks for sharing!

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