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    Hey all,

    Thank you all so much for your comments and votes on our naming baby westwick poll. We have collaborated results, and it came down to 2 names: Reese and Ryder

    A lot of you chose Reese but preferred a different spelling, i would like to explain that we purposely chose the spelling because we wanted the unisex version of the name as the name we have chosen for a girl is also a unisex name and we wanted to keep continuity between the 2 names :)

    Anyway, we have decided and after alot of discussion and me finally convincing the hubby, we have chosen : Ryder

    So Januray 20th 2010 we will welcome to the world:

    Haley Lois Westwick or Nathan Ryder Westwick

    Thank you all again for your help

    Zoe xoxo

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