Do you honestly think I would be fussing if I went to see doctor?


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Jun 28, 2008
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So I know everyone gets pains/sickness etc in the early stages of pregnancy, but I have not eaten more than 1/3 of a meal for 10 days now. It started last week, where when I was eating an evening meal, i had to undo my jeans, and felt full, after each mouthful, then on Sat/Sunday, I start to devlop a sore and tight chest ( I am astmatic) which on Tues, turned into a fully blown cold,

I feel sick all the time ( not like i am actually gonna be sick - more like the hangover type, where you just know you would feel better if you were!) and am just about managing to drink 2.5 pints of water in a day, a piece of toast for lunch, then a piece of toast with beans, or soup for tea

I know that its not a life threatening cold for me, but when I woke up ( had no more since) there was spotting in my pants, and I think its from all the coughing/wretching. So I am wondering if I went to the doctors, could he actually do anything for me? or would I look like a hypochondriac (SP) mum to be!
I would go and see the doc . I could hardely eat anything and i ended up havib ketones in my urine which meant that i wasnt getting enought and my body was starving. This is fine if u are not pregnant but not great when u are. She mite be able to give u sometthing that helps:hugs:
If I were you hun.... I'd go to the doc... rather be safe than sorry. If he calls you a hypochondriac.. so be it! But at least he'll put your mind at ease! If there is nothing wrong. However he might just want to keep an eye on you and see how things go int he next couple days!

Hope you feel better soon!!!

I would go to the docs. I had a lot of sickness still kinda have now, doc was really re-assuring although he said there was nothing they could do as I was keeping some food down for longer than 15 mins baby would be getting something which is why I was feeling so rubbish. It still helped to speak to someone and if there was anything wrong i was in the right place they also did the routine tests which helped rest my mind.

:hug: x
The sickness just sounds like typical morning sickness.
and going of your food is normal too, feeling like your full all time (which is caused by the bloating)
Id wait and see what happens in a few days to a week, If things are still bad then phone your doctor but it just sounds like a normal pregnancy to me
I am in the same boat as you although im not managing anything. I went to my gp and was prescribed buccastem (an anti-sickness), I suggested it as I know its fine to take in pregnancy , have been told to go back if it doesnt resolve itself.

GP was a bit useless really, going to go back and see one who specialises in womens health. Been off my work for a week, the site of wounds will knock me for six plus im so weak as I haven't been eating.

I really feel for you, just remember to drink plenty of fluids ;)
Yes i would go the doctors they cant turn you away and they will give you somthing with one of my pregnancys i was really sick and could not keep anything down including water and he gave me a little tablet that i had to put under my tongue and it melted its to stop making you feel really ill during pregnancy but you need to be checked out so please dont ignore it hun

dont worry bout seein ur doc or midwife hun im a regular visitor a epu as i do nothing but worry! Try phonin the early preg unit at ur local hos! tell them wats bn happenin n that uv had a bleed, they will more than likely do a wee scan 4 u 2 put ut mind at rest! go with wat ur body tells u as u kno best!

I would definetly go and see your doctor, as at the very least it will stop you worrying and stressing so much and that really isn't good for the baby.

Good luck and let us know how you get on :)
Thanks girls, I took the afternoon and tomorrow as holiday ( bit too stubborn yet to break my no sickness in 4 years at work!)

so I guess that it is daft to sit here and worry, I may as well phone my doctor in the morning and get an appointment - I think I am trying to convince myself that the fresh blood this morning was nothing, but truthfully think that is playing on my mind as much as not eating/drinking.

Thank you all!
I'm really glad you've decided to go the doctors (I know myself how hard it can be sometimes.)

Let us know how it goes,

Sending my best wishes :) xx
Doctors are there to take your worries and do something about them - plus blood is a perfectly valid reason to make an appointment, either with your GP or midwife. They can do a urine test as mentioned above to see how your body is coping with less food/fluid and so something about it is necessary :hug:

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