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Aug 31, 2006
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Friday :D

Going to get referred to a private clinic then we need to find the money :? :lol:
Good luck Charl, I really hope this the route that works for you :hugs:
Good luck wobbles i so hope u get what u want :wink:
Oh good luck hunny, I hope it all goes well
i hope this will work for you, no1 deserves it more!!! :hugs:
Awwwwwww All the best babes, I REALLLLLLLY hope this works out for you!!

I have everything crossed and more you deserve to be a mummy!!!

Few of us do thats for sure but know what you mean Yvanne :hugs:

Not sure how this is possible yet thats all but a consultation will give us an idea what we should do next & how much :shock: Also will be opting for egg sharing if I can!
Darling everything will work out i just know it!!!

Im sooooooooo pleased that you have this appointment!!

Fingers crossed for you hun!

Thanks girls & Imi :hugs: Just will take time I guess too an really when I think on theres not realy much of that!

Money is a BIG thing but I'm not sure I want to get to teh age & regret not trying all we can I think! I dread the words "why didn't you have kids"!!
You won't ever hear those words because you SHALL have children i know you will!!

Your just one of those who has a bit of a different journey, but your baby will be even more special than others :D

Maybe .......

If it doesn't split us up soon that is anyway :shock: :lol:

Rough journey its getting hard to keep my head up!
You are going to be fine!

And you always have me to talk to you, and see every couple of weeks!!

Always gonna be there for you ....


Aww hunny - Thank you :hugs:

x x x
Ohhhhhhhhh Hope it goes well babe, will be thinking of you :hugs: x
good luck all the best utr derserve it it i have finger cross and baby dust all over u !!!!

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