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Aug 31, 2006
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Well I've read up if you get a decent enough one you can hear HB around 10 weeks. If I got one I'd hate to get a cheap one & then remembered a discussion elsewhere about renting them & then after 5 payments its your if you keep it that long .... Anyway I found that thread & it was you Layla :lol: it was mybump.co.uk but that site seems to be down but on Google it came up with https://baby-beats.co.uk/erol.html#392x0&& I think it's the same people. Renting price is about right from what I found on my search & bonus is its yours after 5 payments ....

Layla have you still got yours? You highly recommended it ... when did you hear HB on yours?

And of course anyone else who can help x x
Hiya Char:hugs:

I have a MAS doppler with digital display (I would reccomend that whatever one you get has a digital display because it makes distiguishing the babies heartbeat a lot easier as there are a lot of sounds in there!).
I detected H/Bs at 10+ weeks with this. A lot of women won't find the H/B that early, but it is possible. Generally slimmer women will detect the HB earlier. It always helps too if you have a full bladder.

I had mine new from Ebay for about £80. I have inserted two links to show you which one I have and I really rate it...But you can get these new from about £70-80.



Shame I'm not at the end of my pregnancy - You could have mine for free - This is the last baby Holden, so I won't be needing mine after September.
Oh cool :D

I think I might go for one of those then. I thought the other had a digi display b ut it doesn't & its more expensive.

Just found one for £50 so I think I'm going to buy it :headspin:
yeah i still have mine, i think i heard the heartbeat around 11 weeks, altho it took some searching to find it lol

they are worth the money

I bought one but now I can't help think I should have waited.

Aww Wobbles I sold mine in Jan. I rented it from Anawiz they were great!
Lol - your as bad as me - Have to have everything yesterday!

-You'll be glad you have it in a few weeks time! - Just remember that many many women will not detect anything until 16 weeks - So don't start panicing if you can't find anything! - Oh, and at early gestations you'll detect the HB so low down in your pelvis its prectically in your lady garden - That really surprised me...I thought how the hell can it be that low and now drop out?

Good luck with it and remember not too try to early or you'll just end up more anxious than you started out.
Hope so ...

Rachie I sent you a PM x
As Rachie said, please don't panic babe, as the heartbeat is much easier to detect once baby is starting to grow and grow out of the pelvis......which is around 15-16 weeks...x
LOVING your "lady Garden" comment pmsl

Sure wobbs an a few others had a chuckle lol

Not sure Rachie will get that ... You may want to explain Imi lol!
HB called her forum the "lady Garden" so thought what you called your fairy was quiet appt as my OH thought it was rather odd to call a forum after your neither region lmfao!!

lol i got it :D

1st time 4 everyfin!!!

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