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Sep 4, 2006
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Think I have dropsy already :lol:

I bought the shopping in from the car last night and in one of the bags was a nice bottle of Red wine for DH.
I managed to put the bags down gently as I always do but still mashed the bottle of wine. Not a little crack or a chunk missing. Completely smashed in half and red wine was all over the floor. Took me ages to clean up and I couldn't fine the kitchen towels so I was feeling around in the cupboard under the sink and managed to knock everything out all over the floor.

Then later on I was having a drink and dropped the glass :roll:

Anyone else getting clumsy already.

Crikey LOL

I am so glad its not just be I get really dippy ~ drop & knock things constantly even simple things like eatting my dinner & just drop my knife or fork!
I keep tripping up ha ha
mad isnt it?
My fish has got that ......... he swims around the tank upside down ....... rofl. Sorry couldnt resist.

On a serious note.............. i believe its quite normal for pregnant women to go through the stupid stage............ mind you i dont no wot happened with me im stupid all the time.

Jen xx

I'm incredibly clusy I keep droping my food down my front all the time and I get worse the bigger the bump gets. I'm also incredibly scatty. Thats how my m8 at work sussed me out cos Iwas soooo dippy. I'm getting worse as the weeks go by. This week at work I've managed to leave a patients printed record still in the printer, forgotten to fill the record out and exited out of the patient record on the computer b4 printing out the record. :oops: :oops: Next week I won't be able to temeber my name, luckily I've got a name badge to remind me :lol:
:lol: Get the men to do the work :wink:
i was clumsy before i even found out i was pregnant broke so many plates forgot so many things it was awful still is lol x

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