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Easy Up Pampers


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Nov 8, 2006
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Just after some opionions. I had a couple of samples of these nappies come through in the post the other day Ihavent used them yet, but think they look quite good so Imight move the little man onto them. Cause the tabs on his current nappies I think struggle at the mo, and Ilike they way they have nice wide elasticated sides. IS anone else using them Are they any good Should Iwait till he is walking before move him onto them?

Byt most importantly, are they as absorbent as the other nappies, can they last all night? And also I noticed a tape bit on the back of them, what is this for?
I am currently trying to use up my stock of them that I bought.

I personally don't like them...just now. I think I bought them too early for Rebecca as aren't they designed for toilet training?

The only problem I have found is when you wake up in the morning the LO is soaked through as I don't think they are designed to be constantly wet and soiled.

I might be wrong, but they do look cute when you are putting panties on them :lol:
Well, I used the Easy Up Pampers quite frequently during summer time, since I found it easier to change Matthias from his bathing clothes to an "Easy Up" (especially in the garden or open air bath).

I do not like to use those at night since the "normal" ones seem to be more absorbient and the active fit are here much more cheaper than the easy up.

During the day I more often use the Pampers "active fit"

By the way the "tape bit on the back" is used to keep the nappy togehter after beeing used and wrapped.
I agree with KX I believe they are designed for toilet training, so not ideal of a night if baby is completely dependant on a nappy. x
Summer is on easy ups.
she was also on huggies walkers but I personally didn't find huggies very absorbent. so I changed her to papmers easy up. I've had her on pull ups since 10 months even though she wasn't walking until 11 months. I find them pretty good in the day but I also have a pack of pampers flexi baby dry which I put on Summer for bed. Summer hates nappy changing so much easier to rip the sides of the nappy she is wearing slip it off then pull a new one up. I don't think they designed for potty trainig there are other nappies they sell which are designed potty training. these are supose to have same absorbency as normal nappies just made for babies on the go.

anyway thats just my opinion but i'm sure people will amke their minds up xxx

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