Ema, Lisa- How ru?


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Jan 22, 2008
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:hi: girlies!
How u both doing??
Any movements?
Sam xx:hugs::hugs:
I was just thinking about ema....you had your baby yet? lol I havnt heard anything or seen you in labour or anything how are you?
ya maybe ema is finally in labour? havent noticed any posts all day.
Been thinking the same too! Unless she had a night out to try get him moving last night!
He he lets hope she done a 5 mile hike and is now in labour x
Ooh Ema, maybe somethings happening!!!! x
I spoke to Ema last night and she took the dogs for a long walk but nothing to report.

I had another dose of castor oil friday night which went through me in an hour, :shock: gave me a very sore backside and nothing else!!! :lol:

Just waiting it out now. :)

Ema wouldnt of snuck off to have Jacob without getting all excited and sent a zillion texts :rofl::rofl:
:rofl: no im still here. Got sweep on friday to have one last push to go naturally and if not got an accessment on monday the 6th to finally book my induction whihc im dreading. But my midiwife doesnt think ill make it to the monday....but you never know when it comes to babies. I took a 6 miles walk yesterday up a waterfall and everything did jack shit bar give me back ache but wore the doggies out so i was happy. Off for a swim today im just taking each day as it comes...hopefully if nothing else the sweep on friday will do it for me :) XxxX
Glad your both ok. Just got back from a wedding in manchester and am glad i didn't miss anything xx
Oh your still here hope your swim does it for you)
Oh bless you Ema, I really hope it happens for you soon :hugs:
Ema i think you'll be holding Jacob by the end of the week!!!
Lisa- down it, down it!!

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