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Sep 14, 2006
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Anyone else feeling really emotional at the moment?

I just keep bursting into tears for no apparent reason! yesterday it was when my other halfs mate was going to take me home :?

The other day it was whilst i was reading a magazine article about different weeks in the pregnancy and what the babys development is!

Ill blubber to this in a minute if im not careful!!

Awwwwwwwwwwww babe :hugs:

Yesssssssss I cried my eyes out as I couldn't get in to see my GP last week, I also balled my eyes out for no reason at all a few weeks back........my last pregnancy I balled my eyes out when I was told I couldn't have chinese :? We are just normal hormonal women hun, go with the flow :wink:
Well i had a rubbish night with rubbish dreams and i woke up crying!! :? I really am worried for my sanity now! :lol: Its just a pain in the rear end!

Mum got a babygrow for me and it arrived through the post yesterday but the dog decided to open it in the garden so it had to be washed and i nearly cried when i found out! :evil:

You ARE normal hun, I have woke up crying one night from a dream, laughing another night.........I also burst out crying after a reall good laugh, it just turns into a full blown heartbreaking cry, it is horrible, I go from a high to a real low :(

I too would have cried it the dog had of got hold of that! Trust me hun, it doesn;t take much!

You ARE normal hun!!!!!!! :hugs: xx
Its just so annoying! lol

I had a bad hissy fit the other night aswell lol :hissy: I was in the car and my OH got out to talk to his mate at macdonalds and i turned the music down and straight away he came over and turned it up! :evil: that set me off, out of the car, slammed the door and turned the car off. I got a shocked look from my OH as its the first time hes seen me do anything! but hes not dont it since! :lol:
Aww Bless :hugs:

What our poor OH's have to put up with.

I keep having a go at DH over the silliest things and I had tears in my eyes when I watched Emmerdale last night.
I'm not doing too bad at the minute though but my hormones are just kicking in :twisted:

Its getting worse!! Why do we do it to ourselves? lol I cried on the way to work because there was that sunscreen song on the radio and it just made me cry!! lol and then i cried again last night just because i was feeling fat and tired! He decided to try and cheer me up and eventually it worked because he looked at my tummy and said he couldnt believe i have one now! lol nearly cried when he said that :cry:
Its an emotional rollercoaster when your pregnant. I had a really bad week i shut myself away all week cying shouting and going to bed extremeley early [-( !!! Balled my eyes out this morning as DH used the wrong tone of voice.............BAD MOVE!!!!!! :evil: im going out for dinner with him tonight so i best behave but you have to let it out or you go mad. I even squared up to the mother in law i so emotionally unbalanced :gun: !!!!!!
:lol: Awwwwwwww Becca!

You seriously aint the only one babe.......it will get better in time, but I doubt it will completely go :( You will get used to it, or atleast your OH should do :hugs:
Its been a hell of a weekend! Since friday ive cried, slammed doors and not spoken! I couldnt help it and oh did his best up till sunday when he said enough was enough and id better sort myself out!! :shock: Not impressed! :evil:
is it normal to get hyper emotional from really early???im only 4 weeks ish im im a gibbering wreak already!!! ](*,) if this means im going to get worse........... :help:
(Mind u ive not been as emotional as DH was when i reversed into his car on the driveway yesterday........ :-= )
muffin said:
is it normal to get hyper emotional from really early???im only 4 weeks ish im im a gibbering wreak already!!! ](*,) if this means im going to get worse........... :help:
(Mind u ive not been as emotional as DH was when i reversed into his car on the driveway yesterday........ :-= )


Hi babe, yep it is very normal to get emotional very early on.........it is a rollercoaster of a ride, so HOLD ONNNNNN!!!!! :lol:
Oh gosh...talk about throwing fits....for some reason my OH and I were discussing issues and I heard frustration in his voice as we were failing at getting some information...It felt like I sucked in his frustration through a super frustration magnifying device and it just threw me across the room into a throwing any thing that looks throwable frenzy. I threw bowls and my cooking recipe cards and who knows, then I just stomped outta the house and just walked a few miles....mainly cause I was too embarassed to go back till I could explain myself. Thank God when I got back everything was clean and my OH just gave me a hug and told me he loved me and all was well....What a JERK I was. Don't worry, I trying to make up for it with some extra awesome meals every night. But dang...who can explain that?
dont feel bad because I feel the same, except sometimes I am crying for whatever reason.
I know exactly how you feel. My husband recently switched to working nights and every single day when he goes to work I cry. Full on tears and sniffles and everything. lol. I feel bad for him. I cry when driving to work for no reason (besides the fact that i'm going to work and don't want to. lol), I cry when I see babies, I cry when I think about my husband and I finally becoming parents. lol. EVERYTHING! It's crazy.
I don't get the crying spells however...I seem to be sooo very anxious lately and seem to not be able to do enough to get "ready". I just can't wait till the moment we get to meet our little one and know that all will be well.

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