Feel pregnant bu BFN today - Advice girls!!


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Sep 14, 2006
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Hey everyone.... well here is my info. My last cycle was 33 days long, the one before that was 28 days long.

I am currently on CD 28. I have been having cramping in the lower abdomen since ovulation. nothing too severe - but twinging and cramping. This has subsided somewhat in the last week - but I still sometimes get it.

I have also been quite gassy and bloated and have been experiencing severe heartburn.

In the past 4 days my breasts have become larger, harder and i have more veins in them than normal. My nipples hurt when I am in the shower which is something unusual for me... they are also more sensitive to clothes and temperature.

I did a pregnancy test this morning and it was a BFN which was quite disappointing.. as i feel pregnant. My mood has been wierd, i am tired etc.

Should it be a BFP if i am feeling symptoms? Or could it be too early to tell yet?

Please advise as I am feeling quite down about it.

Jilligan - sorry for it being so long!!
A lot of your symptoms are exactly what I'm getting.

Do you know when you ovulated?
If you ovulated a little later than last month (I vary all the time by a few days) and your body is in its longer cycle then it may just be that it's still too early to test.

What test did you use?

Good Luck

Charm X
I used a doctors office pregnancy test - I don't know how accurate it is - my friend works at a doctors and she nicked some for me.

I think i ovulated on september 7th/8th. So i am now 14/15 days post ovulation.

So you feel pregnant too? Have you tested yet?
Oh there crap when we went through the ectopic ordeal our result came back negative yet I had a shining BFP on a CB no faint line about it! Also just to add a level of 70 odd AN STILL nothing!!

I would retest with a Clearblue either with a neutral mind or wait a couple of days.

Some girls can get a BFP really early on whist others won't see a result on a pregnancy test until after AF is due.

My boobs & nips are my first giveaway.

Good luck x
Thanks that still gives me some hope. I was gutted when I saw a BFN this morning. I havent' felt this pregnant in all my other cycles. I mean - you know you feel things that aren't really there when you want something - well I don't understand how my boobs are like this and with veins that i dont normally have if i'm not. I mean it is really wierd. I had my girlfriend look at my boobs -i know wierd!. She has been pregnant before and she said they reminded her of how hers were. The areola (around the actual nipple) is swollen and puffy and they are hard... she was suprised how hard they are!!

I will go and buy a clear blue and test tomorrow with fist morning sample... see how it goes.
Good Luck retesting, i really hope you get a BFP.

Charm X
Mrs E - i didnt realize that you were pregnant - when did you find out?
hi,im 8 days late with no sign of af.tested but got bfn but with my first i was 6/7 wks preg and got neg on docs test so u might be one of those folk that dont get bfp till way after af due,hopefully im like that this time too.
rolobeau what test are you using? x
I did a cheapie ebay test wednesday and got a faint line so did a clearblue yesterday and got a + straight away better than the cheapie.

Good Luck girls, hopefully this will be it for you both, there does seem to be a bit of something in the water this week :lol:

Oh my GOd@@ I am soooooo happy for you! my cycle buddy is pregnant... that is soooooo great for you. Congratulations... symptom list!! symptom list!!! pleeeaaase :)

How wierd would it be if we both got BFP in the same month - we would truly be pregnancy buddies :)
That would be great :lol: , someone to compare and be due with, ooh how exciting :dance:

Not much in the way of symptoms, got my BFP before any really just had usual AF symptoms.
Now I'm getting heavy boobs on the sides and my nipples feel like they're on fire. And it feels like someone is pushing against my in the lower abdomin.

Good Luck testing, really hope its good news [-o<

Charm X
hi,i was using ebay cheapies and then two predictors[dont think much to them myself].getting really fed up now,i ether want a bfp or a period,i cant stand not knowing.
Cheapies are not as sensitive as they let on!! An those other ones I had a bad experience with their BFNs when it wasn't.

If testing again I would say get yourself a CB with an accurate result x
:hugs: Give it a couple of days and try a clearblue.

They are so much better than those cheapies.

Good Luck [-o<

hi hun i have those symptoms too did a preg test today and found out im expecting again the only thing is i had a miscarriage and got pregnant without having a period but id wait until you period is due and then go too boots and get a clear blue digital test they say weather you are pregnant or not as or try a first response as you still might be pregnant but not enough hormones when is your period due ???
Sorry to gatecrash as I'm now 12wks today. However if it is any consolation with my first pg my boos were excrutiatingly sore no one was allowed witin a foot of me even my bra hurt and I had really bad cramp like pains. When I was a couple of days late I did a superdrug own test and got a BFN. The girls Iworked with were convinced I was pregnant so went to the doctors. They did a test and again a BFN I was absolultely gutted. On the way home called at local pharmacy and got another test did as soon as I got home and got BFP was soooo excited did another two the next morning and both BFP by then AF was nearly two weeks overdue. Then had it confirmed by GP. I wouldn't give up you may just be testing too early. I went for scan and they changed my dates by 2 weeks still unsure if thats why tests were bfn, but if there dates were right I had symptoms literally 24hrs after conception :lol: Son was born at 36 wks! Sorry if this is long winded. Kepping my fingers crossed that you get BFP soon
Similar symptoms to mine hun, l would get a clearblue, I swear by them!!

Wishing you lots of luck hun! xx

Hi girls. Well AF was due today... and no sign of her.

I did a FMU this morning and it was BFN. I bought some tests that test at 25 miu.

I still have tender boobs with intermittent tingling and burning feeling in the nipple. I have broken out in even more spots on my back and my chest like I am a kid again. I have got veins in by boobs and now it looks like someone has drawn a darker brown circle around my areola (the circle around your nipple). It seems like i have the symptoms of being preg but without the BFP. Could this all be a coincidence?

DOes this mean that I am not pregnant? What are the chances?

Confused :(

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