Feeling broody so back again after a 2.5yr gap and complete life change!

Discussion in 'Waiting To Try' started by lilmissmup, Nov 16, 2011.

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    I am sure most of the people that were posting here when I first did are either mummys or pregnant by now but my life has changed so much since then but I am starting to feel broody again so felt it might be time to pop back to vent some of the frustrations!

    I am 27 and am in a relationship, been with my OH 20 months now. Hes 35 and already has two children with his ex wife who we have about 50% of the time.

    Last time I was here I was with my ex of 6.5 years, 24 and looking to concieve!

    There always seems to be something in my life that stops me having a baby but after my ex leaving and meeting OH I have only just started to feel broody again.

    The main thing in the way this time is I am studying to change careers, studying with animals and therefore getting pregnant is not a good idea as it would affect my studies though it wouldn't make them impossible!

    I might be studying for 4 years though and OH is not overly keen on having another child at 40. I can take a break in 2 years inbetween courses and hope I fall pregnant very quickly, thing is the second course is a degree and I would have to quit my job to do it!

    I wonder if I worry too much about things and plan too much but having a career I love is important to me too, I want it all and I want it now!!!

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