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Discussion in 'Baby Club' started by missy55, Aug 30, 2009.

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    Hi, Lexi has been sleeping through for the last 5 weeks or so but the last couple of nights, she has been waking about 2am, really fidgety.

    She wakes herself up as she scoots up the bed and bangs her head on the cot and then she fidgets like crazy. Its not that she is hungry that early because she does eventually go back to sleep. However, where she was waking around 6 for a feed then going back to sleep, she is now waking about 4 for a sleep then going back to sleep after a battle as she wants to play!!

    She finishes a 7oz bottle before bed so I don't think she is hungry - any other suggestions????

    Hubby and I had been loving our :sleep: so feel shattered after these last few disturbed nights. I know we should consider ourselves lucky that she is sleeping this much at 14 weeks and we do, I just don't like her (and us) having disturbed sleep.
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    4 am - only thing i would say is if she finishes a whole 7 oz move up to 8 oz and see how that goes, if she wont take more than 7 maybe try a hungry babby ,milk for bedtime ?
    i always moved up an oz as soon as my lo started to drinkn the whole amount (ie: drinks whole 8 oz - move up to 9oz)

    if she isnt crying when she wakes up and goes back to sleep by her self i wouldnt worry about it, babies wake up during the night just like we do.

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