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Discussion in 'Long Term Trying To Conceive' started by Kaline M, Feb 27, 2019.

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    My husband and I ttc since 2014. No sucess and finally 2017 i went to see the doctor. I was on femera dec 2017 untill 6/2018. It was with an old provider, he did no follicle check. Finally july 2018 i was very emotional as nothing was happening. He finally told me about follicle check and hcg shot. 7/2018 to 9/2018 he kept scheduling me for follicle study CD16 and CD17. It was too late. I was on letrozole for CD3-CD7 only. Then in 10/2018 i went in for follicle study on CD13 because i insisted that he see me on this date. I measured a 18mm on my left ovary. Went to pick up med at the pharamcy and they ran out. I was so angry and the dumb clinic never call me back...&$*#* them..

    Forward to feb 2019. With a new provider and i got an appointment to see her feb 14. My period was feb 11. She Prescribed femera CD4 to CD 7 and went for follicle check 2/20 and the biggest follicle was 10 mm. She gave me another 3 days worth of femara and on feb 25 i went for another follicle check and i measured 19mm and 14mm. I got my first trigger shot after 2 long years w the old clinic. I was so happy. Just BD feb 25, 26 so i am excited. Anybody here lucky with a 19mm? I was hoping for a 20mm+ follicle but just happy to finally get the shot.
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    Hey hun! I too triggered with an hcg injection. Last cycle only had one mature follicle that was 21mm. This time I had 6, 3 in right ovary were 18mm, the 3 on left side were 27, 33, and 37mm. I'm hoping for a bfp here in a few days. BUT reason I wanted to comment on your thread is because my first child was a Clomid and trigger shot baby. I had two mature follicles, one was 18 and one was 21. So I definitely think you have a great shot with a 19mm follie and you only need one!! :) FX'd for you that this is yours and I's month! <3

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