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Sep 1, 2006
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hiya my daughters 15 months now shes saying mum,mum,mum, and da da da and its sounds like shes saying nan nan nan but not sure well getting to the point just wondering whether how old was your little ones till they started to make more words?

gemma and jessica louise :wink:
Hi hun,

I think that sounds about right, I think that was about the same age as my DD, her first sounds was mum mum mum, nan nan nan, ganda ganda ganda (meaning grandad) and walt walt, meaning water :lol:

My nephew has just turned 1 and is saying ma ma ma and da da da so he is starting to find his tongue!

It is so sweet when they start trying to tak to you, my DD used to get so frustrated if we didn't understand and she would drag you with brute force to show you what she wanted :lol:
yer thats the same with jessica she get fustrated with her toys we got her a bag to put all of her toys and gets fustrated because she cant get the 1 she wants out but its not as if she picks the top 1 it the bottom 1 thats burried with all her other toys.
:lol: :lol: :lol: Bless 'em!!
hi :) alexis is 9 months and can say da da and ba ba.....not ma ma tho which is sort of frustrating to me lol but still is cute when she talks at all lol :p
Awwwwwwwww LOL your time will come :wink:
Lydia is 11 months. She can say dog, duck, and hello (heeelloooo - it's dead cute) :)
wow Xena Lydia is a clever girl!!!! When do babies usually start talking? Is it about 1? I remember a 1 yr old saying hiya hiya hia over and over lol. Ela has started repeating me, if she says DA, I say Da then she says Da so on and so on.

She can say nana and mama but favourute is dada she says this all the time!
Coby has been saying mum for about a month and he has now just learnt dad.

Lauz_1601 said:
wow Xena Lydia is a clever girl!!!! When do babies usually start talking? Is it about 1?

lol I dunno - she's known dog and duck for a while though. Duck is fairly random - she says it whenever she feels like it.
Dog is starting to be a little more specific to when she actually sees a dog. She'll go "wooo wooo dog" (kind of a barking sound, and then the word dog).

Hello is more recent - she just came out with it 3 weeks ago. At first it was eeellloooo, then she changed it to hellog for a few days, but now it's very definitely heellloooo. She'll just sit there saying it at you, so you say hello back, and she heeeellllooooos back at you. It's really cute.
awww bless her thats so sweet, I cant wait til Ella starts talking!
My little one always babbled a lot!! By 6-7 months she was saying mama, & dada. Now at 14 months she says baby, hi ya, bun bun (bunny), banket (blanket), Cok (Coke), dat (that), hammy, shoe, ock (sock), appy jucie (apple juice), pa pa (grandpa), thanky (thank you)... She can bugle lkie an Elk, moo, woof, meow, baa, cluck, quack...
But she just started to walk 2 weeks ago (a slow start).
chloe is 16 month and can say....
mum,dad,grandad,nana,tigger,pooh,dipsy,po,yes,no,num nums,bobo,bath and has said a few others but those are her words she says everyday!!!! :o
colby has started to say dadadad really surprised as shes only 5 months :shock:

i love it when they start talking :D
Ella started to say dadada at about 5 and a half months, its so cute, she now sings "the dada song" lol

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