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For a start...

hello. :)
just thought i never really properly 'introduced' myself. my name's georgie, i'm 18 and i have a 2 month old called finley.

me and FOB were together a year, the pregnancy was not planned and he did not want LO; long story short - he left me because i did not go through with what 'he wanted me to do'. his mom's forced him to make things right so she can see potentially what will be her only grandchild. not having any of it though since finding out some personal stuff about him.
Well here we go...
I'm Sara, 26 and I'm due on 14th May with my first little one.
Me and FOB got together in Xmas 2011. He was my first boyfriend and my first bed fellow :blush:. He moved into my mums with me in April 2012 and we got our own place in July. We found out I was pregnant in September/October and although it wasn't planned we were both pretty excited.
We had our share of arguments and what-not, but I thought we would be ok.
Around our 1 year anniversary I start getting a bit suspicious about him being on his phone texting and keeping it locked so I confronted him... He confessed to sleeping with/fooling around with 3 girls at the start of our relationship and he was currently texting one of the girls as friends.
Maybe it was the hormones or something but I forgave him :wacko:
Fastward to 2 weeks ago when a new girl joined his work. He said they used to be friends and he thought she was great. Anyway he starts coming home late or staying out and not telling me where he is...
I then find messages on his phone confirming he was with her and stuff had been happening with them...
I confronted him and he said that they had developed feelings for each other :dohh:
He now states he was confused and he wants me back and he wants us to be a family...
I am now trying to work out what to do for the best. I don't think we should get back together but I do want us to have some sort of relationship for baby.
The other problem is this girl lives 1 door away from my work. I have panic attacks that I'm going to see her. FOB also works across from my work and so even though he says it's over between them, I know they still see each other. Last night for example she was stood outside his work with her friends laughing, and all I could think was that she was stood there laughing right at me.

I'm Laura, 30 yrs old and got a boy who is 8 and girl who is 6. My husband recently died so that's how I am in this section. I was a single mummy when they were a lot younger too (DH was not bio dad). FOB issues used to run my life :wacko: Fast forward to now, we've not heard from him in over 2 years. Idiot sperm donor. His choice not to be involved which is good because he was worse than useless anyway and made life a nightmare, constant letdowns and showing himself up to be a loser.
Want to introduce myself too. Finally. I'm Jessica, 23 years old with 9 month old baby. FOB and I were dating for 3 months before I fell pregnant. I decided to keep the baby because I had been told I couldn't conceive and the thought of throwing a chance at motherhood away was out of the question. Well FOB and I managed to keep things together but we had so many problems. We didn't know each other that well and he definitely wasn't ready for the level of responsibility that fatherhood requires. Despite the fact that he is a good man he is immature, selfish, quick to anger, has no backbone with his family, no thought of the future. We fought all the time and around the baby which I hated. I broke up with him twice before and love had me going back, but this time it was for good. We decided to remain good friends and support each other for our baby's sake. It is better this way but I do still miss him obviously and wish things were different.

I'm Vikki and mummy to 2 gorgeous girls...

My FOB walked out of our home in February and shacked up with some young girl.

Thats how I got here.
Silly me has only just realised there's a single parenting section.. :lol:
I'm Laura, I've actually been single for a while now..
I left FOB because he basically turned into an idiot ever since I got pregnant with my second baby and I'd had enough. He does still see them, sometimes, but he's pretty useless and often lets us/them down.
I have two LO's they are exactly 18 months apart, a little girl who is three and my little man who is twenty months.
So...less than a year ago I was preparing my wedding.

Now I'm not quite sure what the hell happened. My hubby or should I say ex maybe came to his senses? We've had a turbulent year. He moved out in August.

He's since told me he wants to come home, but I'm not entirely sure how I feel about it? So....until I make a proper decision I guess I'm a single mum.
I've just posted a thread but thought I'd introduce myself here.

I'm jo, just turned 29 and have 3 boys. My 1st, Kasper, was lost at 36wks pregnant then I have my rainbows Leo & Logan who r 3 & 1.

Me & my ex had been together 7.5 years but then something came to light causing an immediate split 3 weeks ago. We had been planning our wedding for 3rd may, less than 6 months away.

Anyway, I'm now a single mum. I've always wanted to be a full time mum while my boys were this small but just not under these circumstances but u never know what's round the corner do u :-(

I used to post on bnb a lot during 2009/2010 but not so much since.

Hopefully I will b able to get on and post more often again x
I didn't notice this thread and made a whole new one to introduce myself. Oops.

I'm Eve, I'm 20 and I have a 3 month old little boy called Gabriel.
Gabriel's dad and I split on sunday after months of him being a total lazy deadbeat.
I got pregnant when we'd been together for 8-9 months. He convinced me that he wanted the baby and he'd be a great dad.. turns out he's a liar and couldn't be bothered to do anything for his son.
I finally ended it a few days ago and I'm so relieved. :)
Well I stalk this section a lot, so perhaps I should introduce myself.

I'm 25 and have an 18 month old son. I separated from my ex-husband 11 months ago when I found out about his infidelity. I've been divorced for 3 and a half months. I never in all my life thought I would do that. My life has taken this drastic turn that I didn't see coming. I don't regret it though. So now I'm a single mom, living with my parents.

I miss having a companion in my life.
Hi I'm 22 and due to have a baby boy 16/07/2014.

Problems started to arise a week ago when he decided to tell me he wasn't ready to move in together. After an initial panic, I said fine, we'll continue to get to know each other, go on date nights etc.

Now after a lovely week, he then tells me he needs some time by himself as he thinks it's all moved too quickly, he doesn't get to be on his own anymore as we see each other every night and feels like he hardly sees his friends anymore (even though he's out every weekend spending money on drinking -instead of baby things like me)

It got me really down (I have suffered from anxiety and depression in the past) and thought really bad things, felt distressed and like I couldn't cope (without him, not being a single mother). I can't carry on feeling like this so just need to keep my head held high & build up my own support network as he's clearly unreliable.

I just don't like feeling so hopeless and vulnerable.
As you can read about here https://babyandbump.momtastic.com/home-life-relationships/2228969-urgh-despise-my-oh.html, I am going through a messy breakup with a crazy (personality disorder, imo) ex who needs his ass thrown in jail.

My name's Emma, I'm tall (over 6ft), 37 in November and first time mum to a 4mos beautiful little girl.

Having hell with the ex but I know things will work out for me and LO in the end.

My name is Melissa and I'm 28 (soon to be 29). I'm Christian (Protestant), so is my DH Never thought I'd be here, but I guess no one really does :(

I've been married for 3 1/2 years and mom to two beautiful girls. Last Monday my DH told me that he had an affair a year ago...with another guy. He saw a therapist and figured out that he's gay...We don't want the marriage to end, but DH feels like he's a gay guy stuck in a straight marriage, which is true, and he's worried he will become resentful of this whole situation. We are meeting with a church minister today, but DH wants us to separate for some time to figure things out :(

I still have feelings for him, he's not a bad guy, and he's a great dad!! He says I'll meet a guy who can truly love me because I deserve better, but I'm not sure I ever will. Of course God has a plan, but quite frankly right now I'm a little skeptical about this whole plan...
I'm Kat, I'm 21 and I have a 7 month old called Leo :)

Last July, I lost my fiance when he passed away after a car accident. A few weeks after, I found out that I was pregnant with his baby. I miss my fiance everyday but Leo helps me get through the tough days, and I'm extremely thankful for him everyday.
I'm Clair, I'm 20 and I have a 2 year old son called Jason and a 10 month old daughter called Lily.

My ex left me in June (though he left me before then when my daughter was 10 days old) just over a week after my son turned 2. He was with someone else right away and is now a complete deadbeat, I've not seen him in a month. Oh well. I'm surprisingly enjoying being a single mum as my ex was emotionally and verbally abusive.
I'm Gem, 30 to my gorgeous 6 year old..

Been single now for 7 months now as my ex cheated on me.
Hi im lindsey im 29 30 in december single mummy to Lena who will be 3 in january split from her dad in december last year after my last miscarriage and the realisation that i was actually in a emotionally abusive relationship lena still see's him twice a week but we live with my parents while i sort my head out (its a emotional mess)
I am Shannon, I was in DH for just about 10 years. We have two beautiful little boys together. and he decided to break it off with me on my birthday and easter weekend because He decided he had feelings for his ex GF and has for our entire relationship. Which is ridiculous because he was only with his ex GF for like 4 months and she cheated on him.
I'm Maxi and I'm 28

I've recently realised that my ex partner (partnered for 6 years) has been emotionally abusive and has convinced me it was my who was an abuser and even convinced me to take antidepressants etc and that I'm crazy.

I'm just beginning the process of leaving him. We have a gorgeous 1 year old boy. I have no family to go to ands although I'm scared I know so many women have survived this

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