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Aug 31, 2006
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Was thinking of sticking all the jokes back in here - Maybe doesn't get read much :wink:

What you think?
it would save space, so yeah im up for it being in here than taking up a new part if that makes sence, same with games would it be ok to go in here too?
im not sure how forums work but im guessing your only allowed so much space?
No hun as much space as we like :wink:

When teh forum kicked off there were sugegstions - sadly suggestion either work or they don't so I'm now looking at the replies in there an wondering .... :D
I think its best where it is, I v been in there once I think, I can never be bothered reading jokes lol So at least where it is now its best for the people who dont bother with jokes coz its not mixed in with other posts. And for people who enjoy reading jokes they know where to go to find them!
I also think its best left as it it. having all the jokes and games in here would clutter the general chat up too much.
Jokes & games are general chatter though :wink:

I can't say I'm happy to keep it as it is because it's inactive - Who doesn't like jokes :twisted:
I like listening to jokes, but Cant be bothered reading them. Its entirely up to you, its your forum! I wouldn't be fussed either way.
im the same Lauz, and if i have ever bother to read them i never get them :oops:
Dionne said:
im the same Lauz, and if i have ever bother to read them i never get them :oops:

hehe me too, there no point me reading jokes coz I need someone there to explain it to me afterwards!
When I come on BnB, I sort by the posts that are new.....I usually have 2 pages to sort through. I like having a Game or Joke section because if Im not in the mood to read those, then I can skip over it....Maybe you could put jokes and games into one section....Dont know.....Im the minority here (USA vs UK :rofl: )

That sounds like a good idea, put the two sections together into one "entertainment" section
Yeh thats a good idea, then General chatter isnt going to get cluttered up! and its saving a forum space!
TBH I like the seperation of jokes area etc, but if no one reads the seperate ones why will they check out Entertainment?

I think the General Chatter will be too cluttered with games etc also they fall off the page so quickly and then never go anywhere.

The 3 wrod story did that before it got moved to Funny Farm.

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