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Getting pregnant


Mummy to 2 boys :)
Aug 29, 2008
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Hi girls. Just wondering, how long were you trying to get pregnant for before you conceived?
hi i was trying for 2 months and then got pregnant, then had m/c and then 8 weeks later preg again.
We had been trying since January of 2007, had a miscarriage in April of 07 and got my :bfp: in September 2008. So basically like 20 months. Got my :bfp: now though :happydance:
we were ttc 13 months then m/c in april 07 then got bfp this month xxxxx
TTC and got pregnant first month in Jan 08. M/C'ed in April 08. TTC in July 08, got pregnant in August, then M/C'ed in Sept. WTT again in Nov.
Hey there. I'm not currently pregnant but it took DH and I two months to get pregnant and than I MC'ed in August of this year. We'll see after AF how long it takes to get pregnant again.
3 months (well 2.5 months but that covered 3 cycles). Got married in early June, starting trying straight away, BFP end of August.
Took me roughly about 3/4 cycles.

Good luck xxx
TTC since M/C Feb 2007

Have had 5 total losses (2 m/c, 2 chemical pgs, and an ectopic)
10 cycles and fell on the 10th one with charting and opks xx
First attempt took 4 months then had a m/c, then 4 months again and now I am 9 weeks.

Keep positive and don't give up.
Just over 6 years! started TTC in April 2002. Got my :bfp: 1st September! :happydance:
uv had more than ur fair share of bad luck:( but u will be happy with this sticky bean im sure, well all of u will, its a crazy journey aint it lasses....hope u all av lovley pregnancys and get lots of sleep,cos it'll be the last u will have for at least 18yr:) worth it tho im sure...ive a stepson whos 13 and a terror but i love him dearley :)
seems as though it takes pp longer than the pp that get pg within a few mth !!
3 cycles. I thought it would take longer. Actually we didn't try, we just stopped protection and that was enough.
:hi: I was trying for 13 months and the month it 'worked; i talked to a nutritionist and drank green tea, red tea and took flaxseed oil and royal jelly capsules every morning.... I am sure it helped me :hugs:
Hi. i came off the pill for two months as i wanted my body to get back to some normality, i had regular cycles straight away. We then started trying and if my dates so far are right then i think i caught the first month of trying, i think of myself as very lucky as i thought it would take 6mnths to a year, if not then longer. It is our first baby and am currently 9 weeks so fingers crossed everything will go okay for us :yipee::.xx
With the first one - 10 months. This time round - 17 months. I am planning on starting ttc no.3 right now (whilst pg), as at this rate it will take me about 4 years to get lucky! :rofl:

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