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Oct 12, 2006
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I would like to start a petition for the Government to instate "Trying Leave" whereby you are entitled to take a certain number of fertile days off :)

The idea came into my head as i sit here in work almost in tears because i am ovulating today and I am working until 6pm and my partner is working until 11pm...

Feel free to add your name lol

Bloody marvellous idea!! Add me too please :rofl:
Like it we work different hours, never got energy when we are together.... could do with a few days a month together!
How about a mandatory 7 week holiday for starting with a job like the get in Europe. It's rediculous that holiday pay starts at two weeks (I'm in Canada) the second year you're working. I've now got 4 weeks/year and 4 weeks banked after 11 years at the same company. How often does that happen? And they ask why I didn't try getting preggers earlier than at age 37? If you could do a little holiday time here and there the employer wouldn't bat an eyelash. The other way I feel might incur too much widespread abuse and be rendered officially dead before it hit the negotiating table.

Mandatory topped up maternity leave is the next thing. We live in a world where still too many men are at the upper echelons of companies and along with the government, families aren't valued and they don't make it easy for a lady to have a maternity leave. While you push that watermelon out of your gut you will take a 45% paycut topping out at $1900/month now that you've got a dependent to pay for too (and daycare bills as soon as you get back on your feet). Really sucks.

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